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Bryan Trottier: A Letter To My Younger Self

This is a great article by one of my favourite NHL players of all-time on one of my two favourite teams – from the anecdotes about not just playing pond hockey in rural Saskatchewan but his dad clearing a beaver dam to make it happen to the leadership lessons of “Badger” Bob Johnson with his relentless […]

Christmas Eve Closing Hours for Canadian Public Libraries

Earlier this fall, I had occasion to do some research on the Christmas Eve closing hours of various Canadian public libraries. (Not all libraries post their Christmas Eve hours since it’s not a full “Closed Day” in most places, only a partial day so I was thankful for those that did provide this information.   […]

“Management By Blurt”

I’m always developing personal theories to explain the world as I experience it.  One of my latest is the concept of “Management By Blurt”. What I mean by this is that I’ve increasingly noticed how many people have a very human tendency to “blurt” out an answer when questioned or pressed on an issue, whether our answer […]

The “Boring” Trait Google Looks For In All Its Leaders

Not sure if it’s a predictable answer but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. 😉

The Business Case for Happiness in the Workplace

I’ve long been a believer that a happy workplace is a productive, engaged workplace. Now, it looks like Canadian business schools are starting to agree. From the Globe & Mail (with my own bolding of parts I found particularly relevant)… The business case for happiness in the workplace DELLA BRADSHAW Published Wednesday, May. 22, 2013 07:00PM […]

Saturday Snap – Mom’s Lifetime Membership in SUN (and some thoughts on where she’s influenced me – it might not be where you’d expect!)

One benefit of being home with the baby for a couple weeks was that Shea, Sasha and I were able to slip out one afternoon earlier this week for one of Sasha’s first-ever outings. We snuck into the SUN AGM & Conference to see my mom receive a Lifetime Membership from the organization (she’d also […]

HubSpot’s Culture Code

It’s no secret that I am fascinated by the different approaches that so many tech companies take towards organizational culture compared to more traditional companies. Here’s another example – a presentation outlining tech marketing company, HubSpot’s cultural code.  (I especially love their three-word policy that guides pretty much everything they do: “Use Good Judgement”.  Also […]

Google’s Secret of Innovation: Empowering Its Employees

A good article about why Google has been so successful including: Google Cafes to encourage employee interaction, allowing anyone to directly e-mail senior managers Google Moderator which is custom software that allows staff to ask questions about any aspect of the company and then vote on other people’s ideas to ensure the most relevant ideas […]

Politics & Servant Leadership – A Perfect Match?

Ryan Meili has posted his concession speech from the day after the Leadership Convention and it didn’t make my Top 10 list of reasons I was supporting Ryan Meili but the fact that I’ve always found Ryan to be beyond classy, in good times and bad, was another reason I supported his candidacy.  Truly a […]

A Tale of Two #skndpldr MLA’s

I’m not going to editorialize too much in this post.  But I will say that I found it very revealing to see how the two MLA’s in the #skndpldr race framed their responses to the announcement of a joint Meili-Weir press conference tomorrow morning. Although many (including myself on occasion) have equated Trent and Cam […]