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Friday Fun Link – The Tragically Hip: A Chronology

Tomorrow’s the big night for the last Tragically Hip concert during their final cross-Canada tour so here’s a few full-length concerts from throughout their career to whet your appetite: One from their earliest days, recorded live for MuchMusic… A concert from perhaps the height of their fame during one of their Another Roadside Attraction concerts… One from the […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Niagara Falls Barrier Coated In Ice (February 2006)

Soon after Shea came to join me in London when I started my Masters degree in January 2006, we rented a car and like the good tourists we were, headed for Niagara Falls. Going to the falls in mid-winter seems strange but someone (a classmate?) had tipped us off that they’re actually really beautiful in […]

Some Thoughts On Maintaining Perspective

So I’m having a bit of a rough June… I won’t get into the gory details (or post the photos!) but it involves a minor medical procedure, a longer-than-expected recovery, an unexpected infection which may or may not be a result of that first procedure and which swelled one of my arms up to double the size of […]

A Selection of Gord Downie’s Lyrics About Death & Dying #thehip

Maybe it was the shock but when I heard the news that Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip had terminal brain cancer, it didn’t really register in more than a “oh, that sucks” sense. Maybe it was the fact that the Hip are planning a tour this summer, even in light of this news, that took away […]

Music Monday – “When I was a child I cried/Until my needs were satisfied/My needs have grown up pound for pound/I’ll be at peace when they let me down”

Two legends together. Interesting fact – my montage of photos from the day Pace was born, set to a Loretta Lynn song, is my most viewed YouTube video of all-time with 36,000+ views as I type this. Shea and I were also fortunate to get to see Willie Nelson live in concert while we lived […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – World’s Biggest Tomato (April 2006)

When we lived in Ontario in 2006, Shea and I tried to get away to visit different nearby areas as often as we could. There’s been a lot of attention lately on French’s decision to start making ketchup in Canada using tomatoes from the Leamington, ON area after Heinz left the community high and dry in 2014. […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Farewell CLA

The Canadian Library Association recently voted to wind down their operations so they can be re-born as a new “federation of associations” from across Canada and also to re-focus on what they do best (national voice for libraries = yes; conferences = not as much, especially when OLA is widely regarded as “the” Canadian library […]

Throwback Thursday – UWO’s Faculty of Information & Media Studies January 2006 MLIS Cohort

[Edit: I have no idea why I posted this on a Wednesday.  I’ve fixed the date.] I’m still thankful that, ten years ago this month, a couple upper year students told me during my first couple weeks of library school that it’s more important to get a photo of the people you start the program with rather […]

Congrats To Andrew “The Hamburglar” Hammond

After injuries to their top two goalies, third-string Ottawa Senators’ goalie (and possible long-lost distant cousin?) Andrew Hammond was an emergency call-up for the Sens a month ago. In that short time, Hammond has set his team on fire while tying a record for goalies at the start of their career that stretches back to 1938.  In each […]

Friday Fun Link – #NHL Tankathon

The Playoff Race isn’t the only exciting part of this year’s NHL season. The race for the bottom to see who drafts first overall and takes Connor McDavid, projected as the first generational superstar since Sidney Crosby, is heating up as well. Behold the Tankathon!