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Music Monday – “You are my heart/Oh my Queen of the Furrows/This is how I farm, eyes up and ears down low/You are my heart, you’re my Queen of the Furrows/This how I feel, hens cluck and roosters crow”

Although I was a pretty big fan of the Hip back in their prime years, I sort of backed away – both as their albums became less essential (The top 6 of the 12 Tragically Hip albums rated by CBC were released in the 1980’s or 1990’s, the bottom six were all released after 2000) and […]

Torrent of Last Night’s #tragicallyhip CBC Concert

I sent a half-joking tweet last night that after the Tragically Hip concert, the one thing left for CBC to do was to create a web site to permanently archive the show so fans could re-watch it anytime they wanted. This torrent is the next best thing.

Friday Fun Link – The Tragically Hip: A Chronology

Tomorrow’s the big night for the last Tragically Hip concert during their final cross-Canada tour so here’s a few full-length concerts from throughout their career to whet your appetite: One from their earliest days, recorded live for MuchMusic… A concert from perhaps the height of their fame during one of their Another Roadside Attraction concerts… One from the […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Niagara Falls Barrier Coated In Ice (February 2006)

Soon after Shea came to join me in London when I started my Masters degree in January 2006, we rented a car and like the good tourists we were, headed for Niagara Falls. Going to the falls in mid-winter seems strange but someone (a classmate?) had tipped us off that they’re actually really beautiful in […]

Some Thoughts On Maintaining Perspective

So I’m having a bit of a rough June… I won’t get into the gory details (or post the photos!) but it involves a minor medical procedure, a longer-than-expected recovery, an unexpected infection which may or may not be a result of that first procedure and which swelled one of my arms up to double the size of […]

A Selection of Gord Downie’s Lyrics About Death & Dying #thehip

Maybe it was the shock but when I heard the news that Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip had terminal brain cancer, it didn’t really register in more than a “oh, that sucks” sense. Maybe it was the fact that the Hip are planning a tour this summer, even in light of this news, that took away […]

Music Monday – “When I was a child I cried/Until my needs were satisfied/My needs have grown up pound for pound/I’ll be at peace when they let me down”

Two legends together. Interesting fact – my montage of photos from the day Pace was born, set to a Loretta Lynn song, is my most viewed YouTube video of all-time with 36,000+ views as I type this. Shea and I were also fortunate to get to see Willie Nelson live in concert while we lived […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – World’s Biggest Tomato (April 2006)

When we lived in Ontario in 2006, Shea and I tried to get away to visit different nearby areas as often as we could. There’s been a lot of attention lately on French’s decision to start making ketchup in Canada using tomatoes from the Leamington, ON area after Heinz left the community high and dry in 2014. […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Farewell CLA

The Canadian Library Association recently voted to wind down their operations so they can be re-born as a new “federation of associations” from across Canada and also to re-focus on what they do best (national voice for libraries = yes; conferences = not as much, especially when OLA is widely regarded as “the” Canadian library […]

Throwback Thursday – UWO’s Faculty of Information & Media Studies January 2006 MLIS Cohort

[Edit: I have no idea why I posted this on a Wednesday.  I’ve fixed the date.] I’m still thankful that, ten years ago this month, a couple upper year students told me during my first couple weeks of library school that it’s more important to get a photo of the people you start the program with rather […]