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Friday Fun Link – Denzel Washington Remembers His Childhood Librarian #skpoli #saveSKLibraries #LibrariesMatter

Music Monday – “Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find/I tried to reach for you, but you have closed your mind”

Meryl Streep gave a great speech while accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes last night criticizing Donald Trump without once mentioning him by name. He reacted like a big crybaby as usual.  (Hint: There’s no way on earth that the most decorated actress of all-time is “over-rated” even though that’s the go-to […]

The Most Anticipated New Releases of 2017

Now that 2016 is over, it’s time to look forward to what 2017 will bring. Releases.com is a site that gives the release dates of upcoming movies, video games and TV shows while also letting users rate their anticipation for various releases, create a personal calendar and more. Releases.com doesn’t feature books unfortunately but lots […]

Friday Fun Link – Analyzing the Best and Worst Movie Accents

A Hollywood accent coach made a video then followed it up with a Reddit AMA…

Need A Break From Non-Stop US Election Coverage? Watch #undecided on Netflix

With only a couple days left, if you want a nice break from the non-stop US election coverage, why not check out “Undecided: The Movie” on Netflix? This hilarious mockumentary follows two “undecided voters” as they interact with various candidates and try to decide who to support. Shot with the actual US election campaign as […]

Charlie Clark Gets Best Endorsement In Saskatchewan Election History?

It came a bit late in the day but turns out that actor/comedian, Zach Galifianakas has endorsed Charlie Clark for Mayor of Saskatoon! Turns out that the Hollywood star is actually connected to Charlie Clark as he is married to Clark’s cousin.

The Breakfast Club Cast as Social Media Sites

I always did identify with Brian right down to having a very shitty experience in shop class (er, if anybody hasn’t seen the movie, Brian’s the character on the far left, not the far right!) đŸ˜‰

Friday Fun Link – Mark Hamill Goes Undercover As A Stormtrooper

Obi-Wan Has Risen (Happy Easter!)

And here’s an interview with a United Church Minister who’s also a vocal atheist.

Friday Fun Link – Inside Out (Without the “Inside” Parts)

Recent Academy Award “Best Animated Feature” winner, Pixar’s “Inside Out” was one of the best movies released last year.  Part of the appeal was how it used cartoonish illustrations to show the interplay of emotions within a person’s head. But what happens if you take away the “inside” parts?  You still end up with a pretty […]