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MetaFilter on the First Presidential Debate

MetaFilter’s been having ongoing mega-threads every few days for MeFites to discuss the election.  They started the latest one for Monday night’s debate.

#Reddit Is Revolting (http://www.wired.com/2015/07/reddit-amageddon/)

A couple weeks ago, Reddit faced a backlash from their users after they decided to ban a few sub-Reddits which they felt violated the site’s policies against harassment. Most notably this ban included a charming sub-Reddit named /r/FatPeopleHate that had over 150,000 subscribers and which featured pictures of obese people plus invitations to subscribers to ridicule the […]

First Ever Major League Ball Game Played With No Fans Present Due to Baltimore Riots

I considered doing a post with some random thoughts about the Baltimore riots but then I realised there’s nothing I can say that others haven’t said better already – about the riots and about the first ever Major League Baseball “empty game”.

Big Changes at MetaFilter

I don’t hang out there nearly as much as I used to (and worse, a lot of my “community web site” time has shifted to <gasp> Reddit!) so it was a bit of a shock to see a librarian colleague post on Facebook about the big changes happening at MetaFilter. Cash-strapped after a recent downturn […]

Friday Fun Link – Ten Things That Can Ruin An E-Book Help Session at the Library

So I consider myself a fairly tech-savvy individual. I’ve been using computers since I was ten years old.  The first computer I used regularly was a Commodore-64.  I sent my first e-mail in 1995 and designed my first web site in 1997. I’ve since designed numerous web sites and even got paid to produce many […]

Music Monday – “Music loud and women warm/I’ve been kicked around/Since I was born.”

Bruce Springsteen has been covering songs by local artists during various stops on his Australian tour – INXS, AC/DC and Lorde. Oh, and this one… “Staying Alive” – Bee Gees (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Sappy Sunday – The Saddest Christmas Song Ever?

A lot of comments about his one in a recent MetaFilter thread about sad Christmas movies, TV & music.

Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP Pick

Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his vice-president pick last Friday which led to a flurry of coverage (is it just me or did this announcement come out of nowhere? I thought there was usually more of a build before an announcement like this but maybe I’m just not paying attention.) At any rate, MetaFilter […]

Friday Fun Link – The Internet Galaxy

A web developer has created a map of the 350 000 largest sites on the Internet reflecting their relative size and also their relationships with each other. (via MetaFilter)

The MetaFilter InfoDump

You can tell which sites I’ve had the longest history on by looking at my user name on the site.  If it’s not “Headtale” then you know it’s a site I’ve been on for a LONG time – probably around 10-15 years. There only a handful of sites that fit this criteria – CalgaryPuck, a […]