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One Week to Moon Palace @PalaceResorts

After nearly seven months of waiting, in seven days we’ll be at this resort!

Music Monday – “Remember me/Don’t let it make you cry/For even if I’m far away/I hold you in my heart/I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart”

One week until we go to Mexico and the preparations are heating up (you’d think staying for two weeks instead of one simply means you pack twice as many bathing suits but unfortunately, that’s not the case!) Plus we’ve got a busy week ahead of us with a variety of appointments, meetings (though I found […]

Friday Fun Link – Countdown to Moon Palace Cancun Continues @palaceresorts

Only 11 days until we head for Mexico and only four working days left since next week is shortened due to Family Day. Can. Not. Wait!

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Grand Palladium, Dominican Republic (February 2015)

Happy Anniversary Shea!

Technically, a better husband would do a better blog post for his wife on their 15th wedding anniversary. But since this is the anniversary of us doing the legal paperwork in jeans in our living room in Calgary while the anniversary of the day we had our wedding ceremony on the beach in Mexico fifteen […]

Music Monday – “Border guards they waved us through/’Andele ninos’ they cried/Love was a Mexican pony/You and I would ride”

Happy (legal) wedding anniversary one day early, Shea! I look forward to celebrating our (ceremonial) wedding anniversary with you in a month in Mexico and then our reception/party wedding anniversary later this summer! This song has a lot of religious imagery and considering we specifically requested a non-religious officiate who only slipped up once at […]

Friday Fun Link – 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To On Our #MoonPalace #Cancun Vacation @palaceresorts

This will be the first time we’ve done a two-week all-inclusive and I think it’ll be very luxurious considering a typical one-week vacation often only feels like much less than that since the first day is a travel day, the second day is a decompress/orientation day and then the second last day (for me anyhow) […]

Music Monday – “Down through Durango, Colima, Almiera/Then in the Manzanillo/Where I slept in the sunshine on the seashores of old Mexico”

Less than a month to Mexico… (And it’s like a time machine working through the versions of this song – from the original Hank Snow to the 80’s era Haggard-Willie duet to the more modern George Straight version with a video shot in Tulum – aka the only place that I have ever got really […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – One Month (and A Couple Days) Until Mexico (February 2017)

Here’s a few random pics from our trip last year…

Saturday Snap – Playing Giant Jenga? Better Break Out The Protective Gear!

As a precaution, Sasha put on her boots and brother’s skateboarding helmet at New Year’s to play the lifesize Jenga game that Grandpa Dennis made for us. I’d upload the video of the game finally toppling when Grandma Joan tried a difficult move but I jumped pretty high myself when it toppled over! 😉