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Indian Head Man’s Letter About Cuts to Mental Health Care Goes Viral

A friend from Indian Head who faced some serious mental health issues posted a letter online about his experiences which has gone viral with hundreds of shares, video views and tons of media coverage.

Some Random Thoughts on Don McMorris’ Resignation #skpoli

Here’s a few random thoughts on yesterday’s resignation (from Cabinet but not as a sitting MLA) of Don McMorris, who was Saskatchewan’s Deputy Premier and (ironically) Minister Responsible for Sask Government Insurance (SGI) and Sask Liquor & Gaming Authority (SLGA). McMorris was apparently caught on his way back to Regina from Fort Qu’Appelle so unfortunately, it’s not […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Three Obituaries

Usually Throwback Thursday is for a photo from the old days but I’ve got a collection of obituaries I’ve come across recently that I thought I’d discuss instead since all three send me down memory lane in different ways… Author, publisher, businessman and activist, Mel Hurtig, passed away yesterday. I never got to meet him […]


So you have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the new augmented reality map-based game, Pokemon Go!.  I first heard about it when it was all over Reddit, soon after its release in early July. I have to be honest – my first reaction was to ignore it as I thought of […]

One Legged Former Wrestler, Zach Gowen, Kicks Ass on American Ninja Warrior

I remember watching Zach Gowen during his run in the WWE and being as impressed with his mental approach to life as his physical approach. He’s no longer in the WWE but he’s still showing how he can overcome obstacles using a combination of physical and mental toughness. Pretty amazing!

~ Swirl ~ (A Poem About How The Orlando Shootings Gave Double Meanings To Everything This Weekend)

(I started writing this Sunday night but didn’t finish until Monday.  I’m backdating it to be a Sunday post though as that seems most appropriate given Sunday’s incredibly tragic events.) ~ Swirl ~ Thursday My library staff do a tour of the local Muslim school. We observe prayers.  We learn to say “library” in Arabic. […]

Sometimes it hits me at random moments…

…how amazing it is that Shea gave birth to two beautiful, amazing babies. Today was one of those days so I just wanted to share!

A Selection of Gord Downie’s Lyrics About Death & Dying #thehip

Maybe it was the shock but when I heard the news that Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip had terminal brain cancer, it didn’t really register in more than a “oh, that sucks” sense. Maybe it was the fact that the Hip are planning a tour this summer, even in light of this news, that took away […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – A Creative Use For Assistive Technology in a Public Library (March 2013)

When I worked in RPL’s Outreach Unit serving Regina’s homebound & visually impaired citizens, one of my projects was to facilitate the purchase and implementation of  a number of pieces of Assistive Technology equipment. Due to an inquiry from a colleague who was setting up a series of Lego programs, we also realised this equipment […]

Music Monday – “When your day is long/And the night, the night is yours alone/When you’re sure you’ve had enough/Of this life, well hang on”

Today is “Blue Monday”, allegedly the saddest day of the year due to a mix of distance from Christmas, weather and credit cards coming due (although it’s actually just a random day picked to help sell winter vacations.) I thought about posting “Blue Monday” by New Order but that song actually makes me quite happy. So this is […]