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FTRW 2017 – Day Two – Piss

FTRW 2017 – Day One – Shit

George Carlin is basically the patron saint of Freedom to Read Week as far as I’m concerned.  I’m technically in Mexico right now but due to the magic of time-delayed posts, I’ll use his “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” as inspiration for this week’s posts.

Forget 1984: These Five Dystopias Better Reflect Trump’s USA

With the almost unbelievable events in the US since Trump was elected, George Orwell’s classic novel, originally released in 1949, which details a dystopian future society where the government spies on, controls and lies to its citizens, has hit the top of the Amazon bestseller list. But there are other books that even better capture the dread and doom […]

Music Monday – “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why?/I made that bitch famous/Goddamn, I made that bitch famous.”

Kanye West recently released a provocative, controversial video featuring wax versions of numerous famous people who are connected to him in one way or another, all lying in a bed together naked. The slow pans of the various naked wax figures plus the viewer’s knowledge of the various interactions West has had with each of […]

Friday Fun Link – The 100 Jokes That Defined Modern Comedy

This is an amazing list covering all the jokes/skits/moments that have helped define our modern understanding of (and sometimes approach to) comedy.

FTRW 2016 – Day Seven – Saturday Snap – Freedom to Read in Cuba?

Below are a couple photos I took in Havana during our 2011 trip to Cuba. This was a street vendor stall selling books (which is good!) but most here (and in our hotel’s gift shop or anywhere else we found books) were heavily propagandistic (bad!). Cuba isn’t commercialized with billboards selling blue jeans and soda but in its […]

FTRW 2016 – Day Six – Friday Fun Link – A Wide & Varied Selection of Some of the Most Offensive Jokes Ever

Watch this… Then take your pick of these… Did any of the jokes above offend you? If so, watch this (ffwd to 3:20 if the link doesn’t start at the right place for you)… Still offended?  Watch this one too…

FTRW 2016 – Day Five – Throwback Thursday – #tbt – My #FTRW Interview on “Book Chick” Radio Show, CJTR, #yqr (Feb 2007)

I posted when this interview was being aired live for those wanting to tune in but I’ve never posted the archival copy of this interview as far as I can remember. It was a really fun interview with one of my former Sask Publishers Group colleagues, Jillian Bell, and I got say “nut sack” on the […]

FTRW 2016 – Day Four – Obama’s Nominee for Librarian of Congress Kicks Ass!

I feel like this year’s Freedom to Read Week series is a bit more toned down than the usual controversial swear-fest I enjoy creating each year. But there are things that happen on a less provocative level that have impacts on librarianship, censorship and access to information even if they don’t get an “R” rated […]

FTRW 2016 – Day Three – Political Censorship Ad

Watching the Democratic Presidential Town Hall so thought I’d post this (in)appropriate ad I came across on Reddit. To tie it back to censorship in a more serious fashion, it’s more important to remember that in various sectors but especially in politics, censorship isn’t just about the outright suppression of ideas – it also happens […]