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Music Monday – “Je ne tiens pas debout/Le ciel coule sur mes mains/Je ne tiens pas debout/Le ciel coule sur…” (I can’t stand/The sky flows on my hands/I can’t stand/The sky flows on”

This French group was on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah recently. I thought it was a fitting choice after the week we’ve just had (and I’m usually pretty excited for political discussions on Facebook but the amount of racism and fear and stupidity makes me miss the cat videos!) “Christine” – Christine and the […]

Friday Fun Link – How Secure Is My Password?

This site lets you know if your passwords are very secure.

Music Monday – “Book flight December but I leave in May/Drugs are generic but still work the same/I get logins for Netflix from my cousin Greg/Thanks Greg!”

You know that experience when you learn a new word or buy a new vehicle or whatever and after never noticing it before, you suddenly see it everywhere? I had a recent experience except it was with a YouTube rap star.  A friend of mine in the States who’s a teacher posted a pic with […]

Music Monday (on a Wednesday) – “Older” – They Might Be Giants

We got home Monday which would’ve made it perfect to post this as my weekly Music Monday video. But instead, I somehow thought it was Tuesday so I didn’t bother even bother.  I’m posting it now with belated thanks to the person who posted it on my Facebook wall…

Some Random Thoughts on /gasp/ PORN! at @officialRPL #yqr

(I don’t usually do disclaimers on my posts but since I work for Regina Public Library and this is a controversial topic for a lot of people, I’ll start off by mentioning that what follows are my personal opinions only and do not reflect those of RPL or anyone else who works at RPL…although given […]

Rookie Calgary MLA Is Early Victim of the “Human Search Engine”

An engaging article about the ability of humans, rather than machines (eg. regular Google searches), to track down and then amplify interesting or especially incriminating finds. I have been trying to help introduce the concept of “human search engine” (actually “human flesh search engine” in the original Chinese) to the English-language discourse: it arose a few […]

Mark Zuckerberg Starts Online Book Club – Is He The Internet Generation’s Oprah?

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has started an online book club to help facilitate his annual resolution.  Other years, he’s pledged to do everything from study Mandarin to wearing a tie every day to meeting one new person (who doesn’t work for Facebook) each day.  This year, he’s aiming to read at least one book every […]

Friday Fun Link – What the Hell is Ello?

An ad-free, privacy conscious social network (or is it?) (via Quinn Dupont who, if possible, is using even bigger words than when I knew him at FIMS!) 😉

Saturday Snap – Breastfeeding May Prevent Viruses (But Can Still Go Viral)

Shea recently entered a contest on Facebook run by a group who are trying to raise funds to create a breast milk depot in Regina (similar services exist in larger cities such as Calgary and Vancouver.) For the contest, a bunch of local breastfeeding advocates submitted photos of themselves and their babies into one of three […]

Help My Wife Win A Contest While Promoting Breastfeeding Awareness for #yqr

Shea’s currently involved in a contest on Facebook where the top vote getters will receive free photo shoots and then be featured in a calendar promoting breastfeeding awareness and raising funds for a badly needed breast milk depot for Regina. If you want to help her out, click on this link and Like the photo […]