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The Breakfast Club Cast as Social Media Sites

I always did identify with Brian right down to having a very shitty experience in shop class (er, if anybody hasn’t seen the movie, Brian’s the character on the far left, not the far right!) 😉

Friday Fun Link – What The World’s Biggest Sites Looked Like At Launch

This is pretty interesting featuring screenshots of the original version of sites such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. For comparison’s sake, here’s what my very first web page looked like in December 1998 (this isn’t the first page I ever made but the earliest I could find in the Wayback Machine).       Crazy to […]

Some Thoughts On Maintaining Perspective

So I’m having a bit of a rough June… I won’t get into the gory details (or post the photos!) but it involves a minor medical procedure, a longer-than-expected recovery, an unexpected infection which may or may not be a result of that first procedure and which swelled one of my arms up to double the size of […]

A Few Thoughts On @BernieSanders Use of Technology #feelthebern #primaryday #newyork

So today was a pretty big day in the United States as born and raised Brooklyn boy, Bernie Sanders went up against adopted hometown gal, Hillary Clinton in the New York primary in their ongoing battle to secure the Democratic Party nomination. As someone who’s very interested in the use of digital technology and social media in politics, I […]

2015 End of Year Memes: Two Tropical Trips, Election Wins & Loses, Campy Camper Camping

1. What did you do this year that you’d never done before? One of many secret shames in that I never learned how to downhill ski when I was growing up.  The first year we did a class trip to Mission Ridge in the Qu’Appelle Valley, I was injured and couldn’t go.  Then the next […]

Music Monday – “Je ne tiens pas debout/Le ciel coule sur mes mains/Je ne tiens pas debout/Le ciel coule sur…” (I can’t stand/The sky flows on my hands/I can’t stand/The sky flows on”

This French group was on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah recently. I thought it was a fitting choice after the week we’ve just had (and I’m usually pretty excited for political discussions on Facebook but the amount of racism and fear and stupidity makes me miss the cat videos!) “Christine” – Christine and the […]

Friday Fun Link – How Secure Is My Password?

This site lets you know if your passwords are very secure.

Music Monday – “Book flight December but I leave in May/Drugs are generic but still work the same/I get logins for Netflix from my cousin Greg/Thanks Greg!”

You know that experience when you learn a new word or buy a new vehicle or whatever and after never noticing it before, you suddenly see it everywhere? I had a recent experience except it was with a YouTube rap star.  A friend of mine in the States who’s a teacher posted a pic with […]

Music Monday (on a Wednesday) – “Older” – They Might Be Giants

We got home Monday which would’ve made it perfect to post this as my weekly Music Monday video. But instead, I somehow thought it was Tuesday so I didn’t bother even bother.  I’m posting it now with belated thanks to the person who posted it on my Facebook wall…

Some Random Thoughts on /gasp/ PORN! at @officialRPL #yqr

(I don’t usually do disclaimers on my posts but since I work for Regina Public Library and this is a controversial topic for a lot of people, I’ll start off by mentioning that what follows are my personal opinions only and do not reflect those of RPL or anyone else who works at RPL…although given […]