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A White Paper for Scotland (Guest Blog Post)

So I haven’t paid too much attention to the Scottish Independence referendum (I think my first real glimmer of awareness is when Ryan Meili picked “Better Together” as a campaign slogan a couple years ago and a team member pointed out we’d be working with the “No” side in the Scottish referendum in the world [...]

Random Thoughts on #Apple’s Big Event Yesterday

Shea was home and planning to watch the livestream of the event but it was so crappy, we ended up having a nice family evening of watching the archive of the event after the kids went to bed.  Here’s some random thoughts (or if you want a more humourous take)… The reason she’s so pumped [...]

Our New rPod 182g Ultralight RV

Shea and I had a pretty expensive visit to Indian Head earlier this summer. We went to the splash park and happened to bump into some friends who were back from Calgary for a few days.  In the course of talking to them, they told us they’d just bought a new rPod camper. We’d seen one [...]

Friday Fun LInk – “The Coolest” Cooler Breaks Pebble’s Kickstarter Record

The Coolest – a modern cooler integrating all kinds of cool technology and gimzos has unseated Pebble’s over two year long record for highest earning Kickstarter offering, earning $10.7 million to Pebble’s $10.3 million. The Kickstarter has closed now so you can’t get in, even if you wanted to (I did for Pebble but not [...]

Friday Fun Link – GasRun.ca

GasRun. ca is a pretty cool site that uses your location to estimate the day’s gas price then allows you to enter two destination points and the type of vehicle you drive to estimate how much it would cost for you to travel one-way or return between those two points. So, as an example, I typed [...]

Throwback Thursday – Weeding #tbt

A couple thoughts on a massive fiction weeding project I did at Southeast Regional Library… I’m sure this weeding project was literally the moment that I went from believing “All books are precious tomes of knowledge that should be preserved at all costs” to “Well, I guess if we’re buying new books all the time, we [...]

How “Fifty Shades of Grey” Became a Bestseller and Hollywood Movie

In a thread where a poster is trying to show that “Fifty Shades of Grey” is not representative of the BSDM community like so many people think it is, a person who was part of the Twilight fan fiction community when the original version was written chimes in with a great explanation of how badly [...]

Journey to the Grey Cup

A TSN documentary about the Roughriders journey to the 2013 Grey Cup.

Saturday Snap – Ca$h Money

Pace looked rather “gangsta” on the way to the bank to deposit a bunch of money we’d accumulated as people paid us for fishing trips, birthday gifts, garage sale items and a few other things recently.

Sure, Let’s Just Close The Libraries and Get Everyone A “Kindle Unlimited” Subscription

I’m seeing lots of discussion (and some hand-wringing) about the threat to libraries after Amazon announces the “Kindle Unlimited” plan which gives you access to 600,000 e-books plus thousands of audiobooks for a Netflix-like $9.99/month subscription. Librarians and other defenders of open access and the public library were quick to respond: I mean, if this [...]