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Saturday Snap – Ca$h Money

Pace looked rather “gangsta” on the way to the bank to deposit a bunch of money we’d accumulated as people paid us for fishing trips, birthday gifts, garage sale items and a few other things recently.

Sure, Let’s Just Close The Libraries and Get Everyone A “Kindle Unlimited” Subscription

I’m seeing lots of discussion (and some hand-wringing) about the threat to libraries after Amazon announces the “Kindle Unlimited” plan which gives you access to 600,000 e-books plus thousands of audiobooks for a Netflix-like $9.99/month subscription. Librarians and other defenders of open access and the public library were quick to respond: I mean, if this [...]

How Fan Loyalty Changed Throughout the World Cup / World Cup Footballs Throughout History

Congrats Germany! A couple final World Cup links… How fan loyalty changed throughout the World Cup World Cup footballs throughout history A cool fan-made video does a great job of capturing what it’d be like to be there, taking in the World Cup festivities (although he seems overly taken with the “RAF from England shot [...]

Feels Like A Pretty Monumental Day

Shea and I finally dropped our landline and will only be using our smartphones going forward.  Some risks and downsides of course but overall, we were basically paying $40/month for calls to and from both sets of parents (which we can still do with our smartphones) and otherwise, 90% of our calls were spammers, surveys, [...]

Friday Fun Link – A Few Links About The World Cup of Soccer

* Jon Oliver on the mixed emotions football fans feel towards a game that’s more like a religion for most of them and the corrupt body that oversees the quadrennial tournament… * Twitter has enabled graphic hashtags of national flags for the World Cup. * Brazil’s inequality summed up in one stark football-related – although [...]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Here are a few things that caught my eye this past week… What are the best new products nobody knows about? (Quora) How We Die – Then and Now: Comparing Causes of Death, 1900 v. 2010 (Infographic) What Radiohead Song Always Moves You To Tears? (Reddit) How Poverty Taxes The Brain (Infographic) Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” [...]

11 Arresting Facts About “Orange Is The New Black”

Shea’s and my current favourite show, “Orange Is The New Black” just had its second season released on Netflix this weekend. Unlike traditional broadcast TV shows, viewers the option to watch all new episodes on their own time including, if you choose, the day of their release in a single binge watch session. After a couple [...]

Librarian Privilege?

So the concept of privilege has been on my mind lately. Thanks to the kind (and kind of) folks on my Facebook feed, I’ve been regularly sent articles about “white privilege“, “male privilege“, “heterosexual privilege” (uhm, for anyone keeping count, I get to tick the box for all three…plus most other types of privilege out [...]

My Suggestion for A Better Way to Make Sure A #yxe Father Is Close To His Ill Son #yqr #saskatchewan

Looks like WestJet’s trying to repeat their successful Christmas viral video with another one that will pull your heartstrings for Father’s Day (plus to help make the video go viral, they’ve offered additional flights to Ronald McDonald families for every 100,000 views the clip gets up to a maximum of 500,000.) Of course, this is very generous of [...]

Music Monday – “But they don’t give you any choice/’Cause they think that it’s treason/So you had better do as you are told/You better listen to the radio”

A classic SNL musical performance confirms that controversy inevitably becomes commodity… “Radio, Radio” – Elvis Costello