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Friday Fun Link – 19 Pictures That Hilariously Prove Potato Chips Are No Joke In Canada

One highlight of working at a gas station as a teenager was getting to see all the different kinds of chips that rotated in and out – Hostess especially came out with some pretty strange (at the time) flavours including Hamburger, French Fries, Roast Chicken and Pizza. So it was no surprise to see a […]

~ Swirl ~ (A Poem About How The Orlando Shootings Gave Double Meanings To Everything This Weekend)

(I started writing this Sunday night but didn’t finish until Monday.  I’m backdating it to be a Sunday post though as that seems most appropriate given Sunday’s incredibly tragic events.) ~ Swirl ~ Thursday My library staff do a tour of the local Muslim school. We observe prayers.  We learn to say “library” in Arabic. […]

Friday Fun Link – The Leicester Miracle

This is a great summary of the incredible season of underdog British football team, Leicester Foxes. Whether you follow international soccer or not, stories like this are what make sport so engaging.

(Belated) Music Monday – “Abandon all reason/Avoid all eye contact/Do not react/Shoot the messengers”

I forgot to do a Music Monday post yesterday but it worked out okay because this video showed up in my News Feed today! Most people figured a new Radiohead song/album was imminent as Radiohead, already known for very unique albums releases, had done something very unique in the past few days. In our hyper-viral attention […]

Changing Politics and Culture Through the Art of the Long Game #occupy #idlenomore #saskbookawards

So I’ve been thinking about the “Long Game” quite a bit lately. Essentially, “Playing the Long Game” refers to the idea of not just focusing on an immediate goal but also laying the groundwork for something important further in the future, even if it seems like something unattainable initially. (A similar idea is often expressed […]

My Stanley Cup Picks

I usually post this at the start of the playoffs but forgot to do so this year. But I did honestly make these picks before the playoff began – I’ve got a patron who I often chat about hockey with.  He asked who I was picking so this is what I told him… Bold is […]

Some Thoughts on The Eve of #skelxn 2016 #skpoli

(I have no idea what the statute-of-limitations on being known as a “Meili guy” is but since I was such a vocal supporter of Ryan during the last SK NDP leadership race, I feel obligated to mention that everything in this post in my own opinion, no former Meili team members saw or approved this […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Vegas Baby (March 2009)

My parents won a trip to Vegas back in 2009 which happened to coincide with a week Shea and I had booked off but planned to just spend at home as a staycation. But when we heard their news, we decided it was karma and we had to go with them.  So, along with our […]

Five Quick Thoughts on #skdebate

This debate format is fucking terrible.  Why not just give Wall and Broten boxing gloves instead of having them repeatedly talk over each other for two minutes at a time?  Beyond useless. I’m an NDP supporter but they need to find a way to involve leaders of the Liberal, Green and PC Parties.  Democracy and […]

Music Monday – “Right here/Right now/Watching the world wake up from history”

Barack Obama made history today as the first US President to visit Cuba in 60 years. I was trying to think of a good song to post to commemorate this moment – perhaps a popular Cuban song or a recent hit by a Cuban-American rap/dance artist? But then I remembered this song about the fall […]