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The NHL Season Begins Tonight!

First overall draft pick, Auston Matthews has already had a memorable debut, setting a modern day record with four goals in his first game and yet, the futile Toronto Maple Leafs still lose 5-4 to the Ottawa Senators. And Regina isn’t the only city celebrating a new sports arena.  But as another NHL season kicks off, I’m […]

Donald Trump Definitely Wants To Be President, Right?

It’s crazy how successful Donald (great of Hillary to call him this during the debate – both to reinforce he has no formal title and also not to reinforce his “Trump” brand) been up until now considering he’s running almost exactly the campaign you’d run if you wanted to flame out in the most spectacular […]

Sights & Sounds from the New #MosaicStadium Test Game #yqr

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the new Mosaic Stadium with some video footage of the day from CJME NewsTalk 980…

(Belated) Saturday Snap – Random Thoughts on the New #riders #MosaicStadium #yqr

(My “Saturday Snap” name has never seemed more appropriate as I post some thoughts and photos of our visit to the new Mosaic Stadium.  I meant to have these up Saturday night but supper with friends after the game then an awesome Fred Eaglesmith concert meant I didn’t finish this post until Sunday.) — Shea […]

Generational Differences Chart

I’m always interested in the concept of generational differences which has come up a couple times recently – after Shea attended a workshop on reaching out to young people in the workplace and then during a conversation in my workplace where a few of us “oldies” had fun explaining what life was like in the time of cassette […]

Hillary Clinton’s Invisible Guiding Hand

At least in terms of prestigious office location at Hillary HQ, Hillary’s chief statistician is given equal weight to the Campaign Chairperson, the Campaign Manager and her most trusted assistant. There’s a good reason why – this might be the most data-driven campaign in history. Some Republicans aren’t just nervous about losing to Clinton in November. […]

A McReview of the New McDonalds “Create Your Taste” Burger Option #yqr

So, to celebrate the first day of school, we decided to take Pace to McDonalds for supper. I’d forgotten that Regina’s Rochdale McDonalds location (and perhaps others in the city?) have installed the new “Build Your Taste” machines which are like giant iPad-like, self-serve touchscreen machines. I’m sure we could’ve figured it out but a […]

Thoughts (and Tips) for Living in A Post-Factual Society #skpoli

Largely because of the Donald Trump campaign but in various other ways as well, more and more people are talking about how we’ve come to be living in a “post-factual” society where many people no longer even attempt to use logic, reason and critical thinking to form (and change!) their opinions. It can seem as […]

Is @BradWall Trying to Implement A New Tax on #Saskatchewan Residents? #skpoli #sasktel #tasksell

Coffee row has been lit up over the last couple days after Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall mused about the sale of vital crown corporation, SaskTel to make a one-time payment that would (temporarily?) eliminate our provincial operating debt. There are numerous reasons this is a seriously bad idea: As the graphic above shows, SaskTel helps to keep prices incredibly low […]

Did Donald Trump Start His Presidential Campaign To Gain Negotiating Leverage With NBC?

In this election cycle, sure, why not?