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2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures

Could Minecraft Help Make Kids Smarter?

Given how much Pace plays the game (and watches YouTube videos about it and reads books about it and has themed birthday parties about it), I hope so!

Big Changes at MetaFilter

I don’t hang out there nearly as much as I used to (and worse, a lot of my “community web site” time has shifted to <gasp> Reddit!) so it was a bit of a shock to see a librarian colleague post on Facebook about the big changes happening at MetaFilter. Cash-strapped after a recent downturn [...]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

The Stanley Cup playoffs are heating up but it’s still the off season for some teams.  The official Twitter accounts of the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Tampa Bay Lightning engaged in what is perhaps the world’s first game of Twitter Tac Toe! “Dad Jokes” are shorthand for lame jokes that inevitably get groans from [...]

What’s A Mom Worth?

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Some of the times science fiction led to science fact What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits What’s the single biggest mistake parents can make? (AskReddit) 40 Ways Kids Ruin Everything Good In This World (very funny!) How The Working Class Was Forgotten 10 Segments That Make Us Ashamed To Be Wrestling Fans And one [...]

Friday Fun Link – Calgary Stampede Debuts 66 New Midway Foods From Great to Gross

Red velvet mini donuts.  Chocolate dipped cookie dough.  Deep fried butter.  Scorpion pizza. One of these things is *not* like the other!

Happy May Day!

Especially relevant with the new Saskatchewan Employment Act being proclaimed the other day…      

Free Public Library Cards at Edmonton Public Library Will Continue

The subject of user fees in Alberta public libraries is of great interest to me. That’s why I was very excited when a colleague recently informed me that a pilot project to remove user fees at Edmonton Public Library during the library’s centennial year was being made permanent! The number of people with library cards [...]

The Corporate States of America

Here’s an interesting map of the best known brand from each American state (with a handy list of all the brands-by-state so you can see the smaller states that are harder to make out on the map)…