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Saturday Snap – More From The Top of Regina

Here’s a few more shots from the TD Bank reception which we attended with my mom and dad on top of Regina’s new Hill Tower III Friday evening. Great three piece jazz band for entertainment… Panoramic of the view facing south… Wearing Rider green to a TD Bank reception serves a double purpose!

Friday Fun Link – The Tallest Building Between Winnipeg and Calgary

…and we were hanging out on top of it earlier tonight (though I know it’s hard to tell how high we are from the angle of this photo!)

National Capital Commission Shuts Down Children’s Lemonade Stand, Teaches Valuable Lesson?

As we walked into the Canada Day Festivities the other day, I remember thinking how cool it was to see so many kids setting up lemonade stands in their yards along the road leading to Wascana Park – learning about entrepreneurship, customer service, being out in the sun instead of inside playing video games. Then, […]

The World’s Most Awkward Three Way Handshake


Music Monday – “I can’t sleep tonight/Everybody saying everything’s alright/Still I can’t close my eyes/I’m seeing a tunnel at the end of all these lights”

This is a very fitting song for the United Kingdom in a week that saw the population unexpectedly vote to leave the European Union via a very narrow margin in the “Brexit” referendum and then another upset as England is knocked out of the Euro Football Championships by Iceland of all places (cue jokes about England not being […]

Friday Fun Link – 19 Pictures That Hilariously Prove Potato Chips Are No Joke In Canada

One highlight of working at a gas station as a teenager was getting to see all the different kinds of chips that rotated in and out – Hostess especially came out with some pretty strange (at the time) flavours including Hamburger, French Fries, Roast Chicken and Pizza. So it was no surprise to see a […]

~ Swirl ~ (A Poem About How The Orlando Shootings Gave Double Meanings To Everything This Weekend)

(I started writing this Sunday night but didn’t finish until Monday.  I’m backdating it to be a Sunday post though as that seems most appropriate given Sunday’s incredibly tragic events.) ~ Swirl ~ Thursday My library staff do a tour of the local Muslim school. We observe prayers.  We learn to say “library” in Arabic. […]

Friday Fun Link – The Leicester Miracle

This is a great summary of the incredible season of underdog British football team, Leicester Foxes. Whether you follow international soccer or not, stories like this are what make sport so engaging.

(Belated) Music Monday – “Abandon all reason/Avoid all eye contact/Do not react/Shoot the messengers”

I forgot to do a Music Monday post yesterday but it worked out okay because this video showed up in my News Feed today! Most people figured a new Radiohead song/album was imminent as Radiohead, already known for very unique albums releases, had done something very unique in the past few days. In our hyper-viral attention […]

Changing Politics and Culture Through the Art of the Long Game #occupy #idlenomore #saskbookawards

So I’ve been thinking about the “Long Game” quite a bit lately. Essentially, “Playing the Long Game” refers to the idea of not just focusing on an immediate goal but also laying the groundwork for something important further in the future, even if it seems like something unattainable initially. (A similar idea is often expressed […]