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Reddit’s 100th Gift Exchange

Reddit has facilitated a number of gift exchanges over the years.  What originally began as a user-submitted idea for a Secret Santa exchange… …now encompasses all kinds of themed-exchanges including snacks, comics, mugs and of course, Arbitrary Day. I’ve participated in a couple of Christmas ones and always enjoyed the process (although this year I [...]

Some Ways Public Libraries Should Be Like Apple Stores (and One Way They Shouldn’t)

Back from a week in Edmonton (well, “a week in the West Edmonton Mall” would be more accurate!) During the week, I took advantage of being in a city with an Apple Store to visit the Genius Bar and get some help with a few different questions I had about my laptop and iPhone. (Unfortunately, [...]

Forget Dystopian Fiction, Is Sochi A Dystopian Reality? (Or Is The United States?)

Wired magazine asks if what we’re seeing in Sochi is a manifestation of some of the tropes of current dystopian literature like “Hunger Games”, the “Divergent” trilogy, etc. – a gleaming, authoritarian rule masquerading as a utopia but with a barely hidden sub-class, propaganda, televised spectacle, corruption, rigged competitions, doublespeak, etc. It’s an interesting idea [...]

Anniversary? What Anniversary?

Just looked back through my previous posts on February 6 of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. I may have mentioned it in passing in one of those entries or done something on a different nearby date.  But apparently I’ve never once written about the fact that February 6 is Shea’s and my [...]

The Best Super Bowl Commercial Was a Viral Video

More and more companies, whether they actually buy Super Bowl ad time or not, are releasing their ads early, starting social media campaigns or otherwise trying related techniques to get as much attention as possible for their product. One of the best viral videos that wasn’t actually a Super Bowl ad came from Newcastle Brown [...]

Music Monday – “Never had much faith in love or miracles/Never want to put my heart on the line”

After a blowout Super Bowl with what some are calling one of the best half-time shows of all-time, what other clip could I post but Bruno Mars… “Locked Out of Heaven” – Bruno Mars Here are a few other random thoughts about the Super Bowl… – if it hadn’t been for the Saskatchewan connection, this [...]

Some Thoughts on The Documentary “Mitt”

Watched the Netflix exclusive documentary “Mitt” tonight. It promises to be a behind-the-scenes look at Mitt Romney’s rise to Presidential nominee beginning with his losing effort to secure the Republican nomination in 2008, his successful effort to gain that nomination in 2012, only to ultimately lose to Barack Obama. You can find reviews saying this [...]

The Correlation Between Unionization and Poverty Rates Around the World

(h/t to MF on FB)

Restoring Classic Film Theatres in Saskatchewan: Rural and Urban Success Stories @officialrpl #sask #yqr #indianhead #wolseley

The Nite Hawk Theatre that I grew up with in my hometown of Indian Head, Saskatchewan was recently facing the threat of being closed and sold to developers after the long-time owners decided to retire rather than pay for the necessary upgrades to digital equipment. This would be a terrible loss as the theatre is [...]

Friday Fun Link – Copyrighted Books For Free, Legally! (Offer Only Good in Norway)

On top of the recent news that by being excellent stewards of their country’s oil wealth, each Norway citizen was now a “millionaire”* (as opposed to some oil-rich jurisdictions that weren’t quite so successful in this regard), comes this story about the National Library of Norway finding a way to make copyrighted works available to [...]