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Five Quick Thoughts on #skdebate

This debate format is fucking terrible.  Why not just give Wall and Broten boxing gloves instead of having them repeatedly talk over each other for two minutes at a time?  Beyond useless. I’m an NDP supporter but they need to find a way to involve leaders of the Liberal, Green and PC Parties.  Democracy and […]

Music Monday – “Right here/Right now/Watching the world wake up from history”

Barack Obama made history today as the first US President to visit Cuba in 60 years. I was trying to think of a good song to post to commemorate this moment – perhaps a popular Cuban song or a recent hit by a Cuban-American rap/dance artist? But then I remembered this song about the fall […]

Hillary’s Killing It

Results are still coming in but right now, Hillary Clinton is declared in 3 out of 5 “Super Tuesday III” states and leading in two others. It’s not over yet but if this holds, it’s hard to say how Bernie has any path to the nomination and goes forward from here it becomes much more of […]

Candidate Cribs

Can you guess which Presidential candidates live in which mansion?

Live Blogging the Democratic Debate #demdebate

Here’s some random thoughts… I wish Bernie would be more explicit in making some points.  Don’t just mention that you’re 20 points up against Trump in head-to-head polls; compare that to how Hillary does against Trump.  Similarly, when they bring up her delegate count including super delegates, point out that these delegates changed to Obama […]

10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should *Not* Be The Democratic Nominee #feelthebern #michiganprimary

It feels somewhat wrong and somehow right to post this list on International Women’s Day.  But as she does with so many other things, Hillary Clinton has made her gender an integral part of her campaign (which, in turn, has polarized female voters around the issue of gender) so is there a better time? For that reason, here’s my […]

Music Monday – “No more lyin’/No more empty talk/Feel the bern/The bern/Feel the heat in our lives”

Pretty self-explanatory… “Feel The Bern” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – World’s Biggest Tomato (April 2006)

When we lived in Ontario in 2006, Shea and I tried to get away to visit different nearby areas as often as we could. There’s been a lot of attention lately on French’s decision to start making ketchup in Canada using tomatoes from the Leamington, ON area after Heinz left the community high and dry in 2014. […]

A Super Long List of #SuperTuesday Random Thoughts

Well, not really.  Honestly, I don’t know what else to say other than this has easily been the craziest election campaign I have seen in my life (as foretold by the great movie, “Idocracy”!) Two outsider candidates are threatening the establishment insiders of both parties and the “Kang or Kodos” politics of barely distinguishable two-party candidates […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Is There A Giant Magnet Planted in the Street Outside Our House? (May 2012)

As hard as it is to believe, we’ve just had almost the same accident occur in the street in front of our house nearly four years apart. Four years ago in May, a hit & run driver smashed into our neighbour’s van which was parked on the street behind our car. His van was pushed into our […]