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#NannyGate is Really #HypocrisyGate

So there’s a mini-scandal blowing up after it was revealed that Justin Trudeau has not one but two nannies on his payroll. Liberals and other defenders have been quick to point out that the number of people on Trudeau’s personal staff is no different than Stephen Harper’s.   Or that Trudeau has arguably the most important […]

Friday Fun Link – Happy Black Friday!

All-Time Black Friday Death & Injury Count. Also this…    

Random Thoughts on Justin Trudeau’s Swearing In and Cabinet

So much openness.  From having a very public walk through the grounds of Rideau Hall to Trudeau doing Google Hangouts with school children (what?) before his first Cabinet meeting. It’s another indictment of the Conservatives that having a cabinet where such commonplace things such as having an actual doctor as your Health Minister, a medical […]

An Illustration of European Asylum Seekers

Although it looks somewhat like an outtake from the new Star Wars movie, there’s a very serious reality behind Lucify.com’s site that illustrates the flow of asylum seekers from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East over the past three years.  (via Reddit)

Some Final Election Thoughts #elxn42 #canpoli #cndpoli

So, having had a couple nights to sleep on it (barely on the night of the election – I was up until after midnight waiting for final results in Regina-Lewvan which the NDP won by 143 votes then woke up at 6am having weird dream/nightmares about the election result), here are a few closing thoughts […]

T-1: Live Blogging the Election #elxn42 #canpoli #cndpoli

So, I thought I might have something profound to say for my final post in this series. But, as I sit here at 6pm on election night, watching election results (CTV on TV, CBC streaming on YouTube) plus about half a dozen other web sites open in my browser, and after spending most of the […]

T-2: One Final Reason To Vote ABC (Anybody But Conservative) #elxn42 #canpoli #cndpoli

Stephen Harper is arguably the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. Investigative journalist Michael Harris, author of Party of One, the bestseller about Harper’s tenure, believes so. “There is something very Stalinesque about Harper,” remarks Harris. “My bottom line on this guy is, he hates democracy. He doesn’t care about truth and cares only about […]

T-3: Mulcair vs. Trudeau, Head to Head #elxn42 #canpoli

On Monday, either Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau could become the Prime Minister of Canada. Forget attack ads.  Forget haircuts & beards. Forget party policy.  Forget polls. Forget strategic voting. If you only look at them side-by-side, who is more qualified to be the leader of a G-7 nation, Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau? Mulcair: 60 years […]

T-4: The NDP’s Strong Leaders from Tommy Douglas to Thomas Mulcair #elxn42 #canpoli

The NDP has a history of great leaders who are inspirational, principled, and pragmatic. Here are some videos to remind you of the important role past NDP leaders have played in Canadian life… Tommy Douglas The federal NDP’s first leader and “Greatest Canadian”, Tommy Douglas long ago identified the futility of switching between Conservatives and Liberals […]

T-5: Liberal Campaign Co-Chair Resigns (aka “Liberals, Tory, Same Old Story”) #elxn42 #canpoli

Much of this election has been about the battle between the NDP and Liberals for who would be voters’ choice as the “change” party. Except, the reality is that one of these parties’ last time in government ended in scandal and one party is the NDP who are the only party that represents real change […]