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What Book Publishers Can Learn From Luxury Brands

Here’s an interesting argument from the Globe & Mail that book publishers hurt themselves right out of the gate by allowing retailers to set the terms (discounts, merchandising, etc.) by which their books – even the high-demand latest releases – are sold. It goes on to say that publishers should act like luxury good brands […]

The Next Five Years of Superhero Movies

This infographic excites me greatly…

One Year To The Next Federal Election: 25 Reasons You *Shouldn’t* Vote For Harper #canpoli #cndpoli #skpoli

In politics, it’s really easy to slip into hyperbole, no matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on – “George W. Bush was the WORST President of all-time!”, “Obama has RUINED the United States forever!” The next federal Canadian election is (tentatively) scheduled for October 19, 2014, exactly one year from today. And when […]

Pirate Joes: A Unique Take on Cross-Border Shopping

A friend in Vancouver posted this story on Facebook mentioning that the story of a local man who’s going across the border, buying hundreds of thousands of dollars from Trader Joe’s (which doesn’t have stores in Canada) then re-selling the goods at his “Pirate Joe’s Store” is apparently a big deal out there. I’m obviously […]

“Instead of begging, he provides book reviews.”

This young man sits on the side of Empire Road in South Africa and instead of begging he provides book reviews. He collects all these books, reads each of them, and provides reviews for people passing by. If you like the review, he will try to sell you the book. This is how he makes […]

Percentage of US Workers Who Are Male/Female By Occupation

Ranging anywhere from kindergarten teacher (97.7% female) to boilermakers (99.8% male), this chart has lots of information that probably confirms what you already know but also provides an interesting overview of gender roles in the workplace. Librarians come in at 18% male/82% female right between “social worker” and “general office clerk” whereas for Shea (and my […]

“I thought that music mattered. But does it bollocks? Not compared to how people matter.”

Here’s a great scene from the highly underrated British movie, “Brassed Off” which I re-watched this afternoon. (Bonus points for this speech also providing a sample for the song “Tubthumping” by anarcho-punk collective, Chumbawamba) This band behind me’ll tell you that that trophy means more to me than owt else in the whole world. But […]

Friday Fun Link – What the Hell is Ello?

An ad-free, privacy conscious social network (or is it?) (via Quinn Dupont who, if possible, is using even bigger words than when I knew him at FIMS!)

Five Topics

Hockey Pre-season has begun which means the real season is only a couple weeks away.  Did you know that a generally accepted rule of Canadian publishing is any book with anything to do with hockey is guaranteed to be a huge seller?  True story. Politics No matter, how much he tries to excuse it, I […]

Friday Fun Link – How Would Steve Jobs Sell You A Pen?

“Sell me this pen.” An old business school cliche, recently brought to attention again in the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” gets a fictional Steve Jobs spin.