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Thoughts (and Tips) for Living in A Post-Factual Society #skpoli

Largely because of the Donald Trump campaign but in various other ways as well, more and more people are talking about how we’ve come to be living in a “post-factual” society where many people no longer even attempt to use logic, reason and critical thinking to form (and change!) their opinions. It can seem as […]

Is @BradWall Trying to Implement A New Tax on #Saskatchewan Residents? #skpoli #sasktel #tasksell

Coffee row has been lit up over the last couple days after Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall mused about the sale of vital crown corporation, SaskTel to make a one-time payment that would (temporarily?) eliminate our provincial operating debt. There are numerous reasons this is a seriously bad idea: As the graphic above shows, SaskTel helps to keep prices incredibly low […]

Did Donald Trump Start His Presidential Campaign To Gain Negotiating Leverage With NBC?

In this election cycle, sure, why not?

Friday Fun Link – I Replaced The Word ‘Millennials’ With ‘43-Year-Old White Men’ And Now These Headlines Are *Italian Chef Kissing Fingers Gesture*

As a 43-year old white male, I feel duty-bound to post this funny piece that came out last week and which shows how silly many web articles about an entire generation sound when applied to a very specific slice of demography… Some examples… How Tumblr Plans To Pay 43-Year-Old White Men To Blog ?—?Inc. Is The […]

Read Books, Live Longer?

Even after controlling for other factors that may mean some people are more likely to read than others (education, gender, age, etc.), a recent study shows that people who read more are more likely to live longer… Compared with those who did not read books, those who read for up to three and a half […]

Friday Fun Link – God, I Miss Jon Stewart

Luckily, he’s living under Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” desk… (Oh, and here’s a summary of 25 of Trump’s biggest lies, exaggerations and misrepresentations from his convention speech last night.)

@BernieSanders Endorses @HillaryClinton. Now What?

So today, contrary to his vow to take his battle to the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton after his team managed to help develop what is being called the “most progressive Democrat platform in history” with one notable element being a compromise on free college education for families making under $125,000 […]

Saturday Snap – More From The Top of Regina

Here’s a few more shots from the TD Bank reception which we attended with my mom and dad on top of Regina’s new Hill Tower III Friday evening. Great three piece jazz band for entertainment… Panoramic of the view facing south… Wearing Rider green to a TD Bank reception serves a double purpose!

Friday Fun Link – The Tallest Building Between Winnipeg and Calgary

…and we were hanging out on top of it earlier tonight (though I know it’s hard to tell how high we are from the angle of this photo!)

National Capital Commission Shuts Down Children’s Lemonade Stand, Teaches Valuable Lesson?

As we walked into the Canada Day Festivities the other day, I remember thinking how cool it was to see so many kids setting up lemonade stands in their yards along the road leading to Wascana Park – learning about entrepreneurship, customer service, being out in the sun instead of inside playing video games. Then, […]