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The Raw After Wrestlemania

Sunday night was Wrestlemania, the biggest PPV show on the WWE’s annual calendar. And after lots of doubts about the lead-up, it turned out to be one of the best Wrestlemanias of all-time in many observer’s opinions. Almost as good is the Raw After Wrestlemania… Imagine your favorite dramatic TV series, say, Game of Thrones […]

Music Monday – O Chips!

A visually impaired Liberian street musician named Weesay makes up a song about chips on the spot using a very unique guitar… After the video goes viral, he is given a real guitar from supporters in the US. Now there’s even an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds to fly him to the US for surgery to […]

Friday Fun Link – #NHL Tankathon

The Playoff Race isn’t the only exciting part of this year’s NHL season. The race for the bottom to see who drafts first overall and takes Connor McDavid, projected as the first generational superstar since Sidney Crosby, is heating up as well. Behold the Tankathon!

Friday Fun Link – How Are Pistachio Nuts Harvested and Roasted?

I love any behind-the-scenes video of this type but this one is particularly relevant as Shea and I are on a total pistachio kick right now…

Behind The Scenes at a 5-Star All-Inclusive Resort on the Mayan Riviera

After our recent holiday, I was interested in learning more about these mega-resorts (practically mini-cities) operate. This article provides a great overview on this subject, giving a behind-the-scenes tour of the same chain we stayed at in the Dominican Republic but from their Mayan Riviera complex.

Q&A With the Selfie Stick’s Unsung Canadian Inventor

These things (presumably some originals and some knock-offs) were fairly common sights in Punta Cana though not ubiquitous by any measure either.

The Dominican Republic

On our trip next week (next week!), I don’t think we’ll so much as leave our all-inclusive resort for a city tour or a catamaran excursion. But perhaps next time…

Regina’s Status As Fly-Over Country Confirmed #yqrcc #yqr

When I was in England on exchange in 1995, I would sometimes go to the college library and read the UK’s national papers. I still remember looking at the Travel section of The Weekend Times and seeing an ad for a “Cross-Canada Adventure”.  After landing in the maritimes, you would take a coach through Quebec and […]

Powerful Reddit Thread Reveals How Poor Get By In America

The Washington Post picked up a recent Reddit thread which asked what do insanely poor people buy that ordinary people know nothing about? Absolutely heartbreaking stories.

Friday Fun Link – New Copyright Laws Come Into Effect Today (On An Unrelated Note, Here’s Some Info On How To Torrent Without Your ISP Being Able to Identify You)

A new law comes into effect today which requires ISPs to forward letters to their customers that media companies suspect of pirating movies, music and other digital content via IP addresses connected to those files. On a completely unrelated note, here’s a thread on Reddit about ways that people can torrent files without your ISP knowing […]