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Christmas Eve Closing Hours for Canadian Public Libraries

Earlier this fall, I had occasion to do some research on the Christmas Eve closing hours of various Canadian public libraries. (Not all libraries post their Christmas Eve hours since it’s not a full “Closed Day” in most places, only a partial day so I was thankful for those that did provide this information.   […]

Friday Fun Link – 7 Top Kickstarter Projects Now Available on Amazon

Some really interesting, cool stuff here.

Friday Fun Link – Cola Tricks

Fun stuff!

Today in Piracy (er, Grey Market Copyright Activity)

Pirate Bay taken down by Swiss authorities It will likely be up again very soon in a different form and/or with a different URL SaskTel rumoured to begin sending copyright infringement notices to its Internet customers in the new year

“Spirit of Giving” – WestJet Does It Again

Just like last year, WestJet has created a viral-ready commercial/marketing gimmick/promo video for the Christmas season. Instead of surprising travelers on a cross-Canada flight with gifts they asked for at the start of their journey like they did in their inaugural video last year, this year WestJet provided personalized gifts for residents of a town in the Dominican […]

Two Dozen Retailers Won’t Open on American #Thanksgiving (And They’re Shaming the Ones That Will)

Some of the best known companies in the United States including Costco, Home Depot and TJ Maxx  have taken a family-first approach to American Thanksgiving after watching “Black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving named as such since it’s the day many retailers “get in the black” for the year) increasingly encroaching on one of America’s biggest family holidays. […]

What Book Publishers Can Learn From Luxury Brands

Here’s an interesting argument from the Globe & Mail that book publishers hurt themselves right out of the gate by allowing retailers to set the terms (discounts, merchandising, etc.) by which their books – even the high-demand latest releases – are sold. It goes on to say that publishers should act like luxury good brands […]

The Next Five Years of Superhero Movies

This infographic excites me greatly…

One Year To The Next Federal Election: 25 Reasons You *Shouldn’t* Vote For Harper #canpoli #cndpoli #skpoli

In politics, it’s really easy to slip into hyperbole, no matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on – “George W. Bush was the WORST President of all-time!”, “Obama has RUINED the United States forever!” The next federal Canadian election is (tentatively) scheduled for October 19, 2014, exactly one year from today. And when […]

Pirate Joes: A Unique Take on Cross-Border Shopping

A friend in Vancouver posted this story on Facebook mentioning that the story of a local man who’s going across the border, buying hundreds of thousands of dollars from Trader Joe’s (which doesn’t have stores in Canada) then re-selling the goods at his “Pirate Joe’s Store” is apparently a big deal out there. I’m obviously […]