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Librarian Privilege?

So the concept of privilege has been on my mind lately. Thanks to the kind (and kind of) folks on my Facebook feed, I’ve been regularly sent articles about “white privilege“, “male privilege“, “heterosexual privilege” (uhm, for anyone keeping count, I get to tick the box for all three…plus most other types of privilege out [...]

My Suggestion for A Better Way to Make Sure A #yxe Father Is Close To His Ill Son #yqr #saskatchewan

Looks like WestJet’s trying to repeat their successful Christmas viral video with another one that will pull your heartstrings for Father’s Day (plus to help make the video go viral, they’ve offered additional flights to Ronald McDonald families for every 100,000 views the clip gets up to a maximum of 500,000.) Of course, this is very generous of [...]

Music Monday – “But they don’t give you any choice/’Cause they think that it’s treason/So you had better do as you are told/You better listen to the radio”

A classic SNL musical performance confirms that controversy inevitably becomes commodity… “Radio, Radio” – Elvis Costello

Solar Panels Could Replace Pavement on Highways and Roads

Yes, please!

2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures

Could Minecraft Help Make Kids Smarter?

Given how much Pace plays the game (and watches YouTube videos about it and reads books about it and has themed birthday parties about it), I hope so!

Big Changes at MetaFilter

I don’t hang out there nearly as much as I used to (and worse, a lot of my “community web site” time has shifted to <gasp> Reddit!) so it was a bit of a shock to see a librarian colleague post on Facebook about the big changes happening at MetaFilter. Cash-strapped after a recent downturn [...]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

The Stanley Cup playoffs are heating up but it’s still the off season for some teams.  The official Twitter accounts of the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Tampa Bay Lightning engaged in what is perhaps the world’s first game of Twitter Tac Toe! “Dad Jokes” are shorthand for lame jokes that inevitably get groans from [...]

What’s A Mom Worth?

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Some of the times science fiction led to science fact What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits What’s the single biggest mistake parents can make? (AskReddit) 40 Ways Kids Ruin Everything Good In This World (very funny!) How The Working Class Was Forgotten 10 Segments That Make Us Ashamed To Be Wrestling Fans And one [...]