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Spirit of Librarianship – A History

The Summer 2006 Spirit of Librarianship winner was announced at the Destressor on Wednesday afternoon.  Bruce Fyfe came out on top in a very close race.  It was a great event with a number of nice touches – they gathered all the nominees on the stage to be acknowledged before making the announcement, all nominees […]

A Typical Day At Library School

After going to class today on three hours of sleep, I thought it might be interesting to break down what a typical day is like for me.   Of course, no day is “typical” and how my time breaks down will likely be quite different when compared to any other student as well.  3 hours – […]

Randomness (Happy August Long Weekend)

Why do my random thoughts posts always seem to fall around the time of a long weekend?  Strange…Relationship TheoryI've been thinking about something quite a bit since July.  I read a lot of relationship books and watch a lot of Oprah so I'm very aware of the theory that says anyone in a relationship can […]

Tips For FIMS Professors

I presented my 697 Individual Study findings to the 501 class on Tuesday and it went pretty well.  There were lots of questions and class interaction at the end which I always think is a good thing.  Some of the non-501'ers who came out to support me (Sabina, Linda, Tami) said I did a good […]

Course Selection – Fall Term

Finally got around to doing my course selection for next term.  Here are my rankings for the five classes I want to take plus the couple extras that they make you pick as options in case you don't get into something.  I did end up sending around a proposal for another independent study to a […]

Things Making Me Happy

– “Alberta Bound” by Gordon Lightfoot just came on the folk roots station I'm listening too.  – As Linda said in her comments for the last entry, the coffee house was a blast and everybody who got up did an awesome job.  I gotta give Classmate of the Day to the storytellers though (Meg, Becky, […]

Tips For People *Not* Going On Co-op

The co-op placements were announced yesterday and it sounds like a lot of  people got their first picks so that's awesome!  A big Classmate of the Day to everybody going on co-op.  It's going to be weird next semester with the majority of my cohort gone and doubly so because I'll be gone by the […]

If there are 23 people in a room, what are the odds of two sharing a birthday?

This is a bit retroactive but yesterday, I e-mailed Marco D'Andrea, a first term student to thank him for an invite to his party on July 18 and apologise for not being able to make it (afternoon nap = evening spent doing pressing homework instead of evening = partying with first-term cohort.)  Turns out that, […]

The Last Saskatchewan Pirate

I heard about Calvin Ayre tonight on CBC's The National.  Much like myself, he is from a farming family in rural Saskatchewan and attended UWO to do his Masters.  Unlike me, he did an MBA instead of an MLIS.  Oh, and he became a billionaire via his online gaming company while my stock portfolio consists […]

There Will Be A Lot Less Criticizing of Student Council On This Blog From Now On

After discussion with a member of the current student council, I let my name stand for election (er, appointment?  I have no idea how they do things) and as of Wednesday afternoon, am the new, incoming Academic Rep for the MLIS Student Council.  As with everything in my life (Spirit of Librarianship, whether or not […]