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Riverdance Pace

Yet another reason that our son will be seeking psychotherapy in about twenty years…On a completely unrelated note, I'm bringing back “Classmate of the Day” except, since I've now convocated, I'm calling it “Colleague of the Day” and it will probably be a less of a regular feature then the former iteration was.  But anyhow, […]

Chris Dixon (1972 – 2007)

(Chris liked this photo I snapped of him after a 503 class so much that he asked me to send it to him for possible use in his wedding album.)It seems like a cruel joke that I'm in the midst of posting eulogies I've done for my grandparents and then I get the news that […]

And The Spirit of Librarianship – Fall 2006 – Goes To…

…Lindsay Holdsworth.  Congrats to probably the biggest volunteer in the entire MLIS program.  (I know she makes my head spin, just watching what she's involved with.)  Kathleen C. took some abuse tonight for breaking the “Spirit of Peer Mentorship” chain that led from Sabina to me to her.  (The first two won the award, Kathleen […]

Reading Library School

“For decades, reading studies have repeatedly found that 'heavy readers' not only read more books than light readers and nonreaders but also do more of almost everything else, including traveling, attending sports events and concerts, visiting museums, and participating in community organizations and politics.  For many, reading is a way of being engaged with the […]

Firefox Extensions

Here is a list of Firefox extensions I have installed on my computer: DOM Inspector – inspect web page information FoxyTunes – allows you to control multimedia functions within your browser GooglePreview – shows screenshots along with Google searches MetaFilthy – tracks which threads you've read on MetaFilter ColourfulTabs – makes tabs more readable SearchEngineOrdering […]

Friday Fun Link – Wikipedia 100 (Sept 29, 2006)

As September comes to a close, it’s a good time to point out that Wikipedia has an option to view the Top 100 viewed pages of every month. In September 2006, sex-related pages (List of Sexual Positions, Sex, Pornography) compete with popular media stories (Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, Dawson College Shootings) and more general topics […]

Are You A FIS Blogger?

Are you a blogger? Do you have things to say about the profession (archives, museums, lis, etc . . . )? We're looking to compile a directory of active FIS bloggers, so why not send your details along and be included! OPML-based 'reading lists' will eventually be created so that members of the FIS community […]

All Kinds of Thoughts & Things – None of Which Are My Homework

Scholarly Journal Submission UpdateJust finished submitting the revised version of “Useless as Tits on a Bull: User Fees in Alberta Public Libraries” to Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Research and Theory.  As I said before, it's been an extremely educational process, I got some great feedback and even if they don't decide to publish it […]

Randomness (Happy Labour Day aka "What I Learned On My Summer Vacation")

Another recurring feature on this blog is that I've done a few “random thoughts” posts connected to various holidays over the past few months.  I didn't do one on Monday so here's a belated Happy Labour Day to you and some good old fashioned randomness…What I Learned On My Summer VacationShort of a trip to […]

Why Do Boys Read? Heavy Metal!

GG winning author, Art Slade (who is coming to FIMS on October 23 for the Lunch Bucket speaker series – mark your calendars!), discusses the reasons he became (and stayed) a reader as a young boy on his blog.  His answer?  Heavy metal. Two thoughts.  Why did I become a reader?  I think mainly because […]