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Friday Fun Link – World Map of the Most Popular Web Sites In Every Country

Interesting to see which sites are most popular in non-North American/Western European countries.

Omni.com (and Some Thoughts on My Current Digital Life)

Information overload is a well-known condition these days and the situation is only getting worse as more useful web sites, more  granulated social networks and more cool media outlets gain popularity and battle for your attention. I’ve been thinking a lot about that and increasingly, I find myself wishing there was a single web site […]

Friday Fun Link – Rdio

Like I suspect is the case for a lot of people who came of age in the 1980’s, I would spend hours making mix tapes when I was young – tapes featuring different artists, different themes, different moods. At the time, mix tapes were created by dubbing favourite songs from your own small cassette collection, borrowing […]

Friday Fun Link – Arkitypo: The Final Alphabet

If I understand this correctly, a design firm set out to make 3-D models of various typefaces, one for every letter of the alphabet, using all of the letters contained within that typeface.  Or something like that. Oooh, look – pretty!!! (via MetaFilter)

10 Musicians Who Support People Downloading Music (Without Necessarily Paying First)

Not sure how this blog turned into “Piracy Week” but here’s another related article – this time listing 10 musicians (including some pretty famous names) who all support downloading of music to one degree or another.

You Will Never Kill Piracy and Piracy Will Never Kill You

Following yesterday’s post about “No Copyright Intended”, here’s another relevant article from Forbes.com (via MetaFilter where, come to think of it, I may have originally got the “No Copyright Intended” link as well.)

No Copyright Intended

A good article on the changing understanding of copyright in a non-commercial, remix-focused culture. I mean, when I made my Hawaii montage video, I thought nothing of using a couple songs (a surf tune by the Ventures and a Beach Boys medley) to backdrop my video. I don’t expect to make any money from my […]

Wikipedia Going Dark?

To raise awareness about the pending SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) in the United States which would give law enforcement unprecedented powers to crack down on Internet web sites and providers, Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales asked his community for their thoughts (and votes) on making Wikipedia go dark as a protest. The ensuing debate is […]

Singly – A Site For Your (Online) Life

There have been other sites – FriendFeed is one that immediately pops to mind – that have tried to become a central hub for all of your online activity.  But I don’t know if any have ever tried to pull your online activity into one location as a repository, not just a hub. Now, the […]

The Rise & Fall of the Columbia House Record Club — and How We Learned to Steal Music

An article about the decline of mail-order record clubs claims that it was the “12 for a $0.01” record clubs that conditioned consumers to pay little to nothing for music (and though they don’t phrase it this way, the related joy of having a large “download” of music provide (relatively) instant gratification too.) There’s probably […]