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FTRW 2016 – Day Four – Obama’s Nominee for Librarian of Congress Kicks Ass!

I feel like this year’s Freedom to Read Week series is a bit more toned down than the usual controversial swear-fest I enjoy creating each year. But there are things that happen on a less provocative level that have impacts on librarianship, censorship and access to information even if they don’t get an “R” rated […]

You Can’t Defend Public Libraries and Oppose File Sharing

Libraries and file-sharing do not differ in principle. The purpose of libraries was – is – to make culture and knowledge available to as many as possible, as efficiently as possible, for free – simply because of the greater socioeconomic benefit of an educated and cultural populace. How is this not file-sharing? Great article that […]

Friday Fun Link – New Copyright Laws Come Into Effect Today (On An Unrelated Note, Here’s Some Info On How To Torrent Without Your ISP Being Able to Identify You)

A new law comes into effect today which requires ISPs to forward letters to their customers that media companies suspect of pirating movies, music and other digital content via IP addresses connected to those files. On a completely unrelated note, here’s a thread on Reddit about ways that people can torrent files without your ISP knowing […]

Pirate Joes: A Unique Take on Cross-Border Shopping

A friend in Vancouver posted this story on Facebook mentioning that the story of a local man who’s going across the border, buying hundreds of thousands of dollars from Trader Joe’s (which doesn’t have stores in Canada) then re-selling the goods at his “Pirate Joe’s Store” is apparently a big deal out there. I’m obviously […]

Pirate Bay’s Longest Surviving Torrent Turns 10 Years Old

I would’ve guessed the longest lasting torrent would’ve been The Anarchist Cookbook (uhm, probably a bad idea to link to that, eh?) 😉 but it’s not.  Instead, it’s RECIPES!!! Exactly ten years ago a Pirate Bay user uploaded a torrent linking to “Top Secret Recipes” ebooks. Today, this torrent is the oldest surviving torrent file […]

Friday Fun Link – “Terms and Conditions May Apply” Documentary

Shea and I are watching a great documentary as I type this – you should too!  (Er, it’s on NetFlix and they’ll track that you watched it of course.)

A Couple Reasons I Really Like Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope is a fucking awesome comedian who is cool with people torrenting his stuff…   And “his stuff” includes brilliant material like this… And this…

Music Monday – Paul McCartney – “Live in New York City” Full DVD on YouTube

Who knows how long it will be there but right now, there’s a full version of the most recent Paul McCartney concert DVD up on YouTube (I’ve been listening to the CD version on Rdio non-stop for the last week!)

How Much Happens Every 60 Seconds On The Internet?

A lot!

3-D Printing Your Next House?

3-D printing is an emerging technology that has the potential to be quite revolutionary.  It allows users to “print” three dimensional replicas of real world objects in a variety of materials (usually plastic or something similar.) I first heard of 3-D printing when I saw a TV show about how Jay Leno, a noted antique […]