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Friday Fun Link – International Space Station HD Live Feed

The International Space Station is now providing a live HD feed which is pretty amazing.

Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

This is beyond cool.  I love Carl Sagan and how he puts life into proper perspective…

What Fact Do You Accept Intellectually Even Though It Still Feels “Wrong” To You?

Lots of cool answers in this AskReddit question… There are perfectly nice, reasonable, intelligent people who disagree with my political opinions. You can get from North Korea to Finland by going through one country. That if you don’t have a kid, you’re the first one since your ancestral line started [edit: not just human line [...]

Music Monday – “A monster, a monster/I’ve turned into a monster/A monster, a monster/And it keeps getting stronger”

Continuing with the Wrestlemania XXX theme I started yesterday, here’s a really cool video package about the rise of the underdog, Daniel Bryan, from wrestling in high school gyms and armouries to winning the WWE World Title at the 30th Anniversary Wrestlemania card in front of 80,000 screaming fans… “Monster” – Imagine Dragons

The History of the English Language in 10 Minutes

Friday Fun Link – Who Owns The Copyright to the World’s Most Retweeted Photo?

Ellen Degeneres arranged a “spontaneous” selfie with some heavy hitters at the recent Oscar telecast.  After tweeting it, it quickly crashed Twitter, became the most re-tweeted photo of all-time eclipsing Obama’s “Four More Years” tweet many times over, and becoming ripe for parody. But it also quickly led to a question about who owned the copyright to [...]

Reddit’s Top 10 Most Saved Comments

Today, Reddit had an official blog post about their “Gold” program where you can either buy an annual membership or “gild” someone with gold for one-off comments and now posts.  Gold members (like myself) get added benefits on the site including the ability to save comments and as part of their blog post, they listed [...]

Friday Fun Link – Russian “Human Flies” Illegally Climb the Highest Structure in China and Second Highest in the World

Definitely don’t watch this video if you suffer from vertigo…

Inside Mark McMorris’ Technique

Saskatchewan’s Mark McMorris brought home Canada’s first Olympic medal, a bronze in the slope style competition. This is pretty amazing considering he broke a rib only a couple weeks ago at the Winter X Games (not to mention that he’s a kid from the flat Canadian prairie of course!) McMorris grew up in Regina. The closest thing [...]

And if you saw my love/You’d love her too.

All this week, David Letterman, whose show is taped in the Ed Sullivan Theatre, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles arriving in America with his band playing Beatles music for guest entrances and while going to commercial.  On top of that, each night’s musical guest is performing a tribute song as well. The [...]