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Friday Fun Link – Extreme Close Ups of Things

This week has had slow motion.  Now let’s see extreme close-ups!

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Paul McCartney Concert in #yqr (Aug 14, 2013)

Two years since the best concert of my life…     And of course, in this day and age, somebody appears to have uploaded the entire concert, from start to finish, to YouTube!  (If I’d know that, I could’ve saved 250 clams on my ticket!)    

Awesome Bike Jumps in Slow Motion

As mentioned in Sunday’s post about our recent camping highlights, here’s a video clip Pace basically compiled himself after I showed him the basics of using iMovie.  This includes adding sound effects, visual effects, trimming some of the clips, duplicating others and more. If you happen to have a Google/YouTube account, feel free to “Like” […]

Best iPhone Slow Motion Clips

Google Maps Street View Player – Pike Lake to Outlook

Inspired by the first portion of our route home today – from Pike Lake Provincial Park half an hour south of Saskatoon where we spent the weekend camping on to the Outlook Regional Park where we stopped for lunch – I found a web site that allows you to “drive” between two locations using Google Street View images. […]

National Geographic MegaFactories: Coca-Cola

It always boggles my mind that human beings are able to design something so intricate and precise yet massive and overwhelming at the same time…

13 Best Entries from the TL;DR Tumblr Version of Wikipedia

TL;DR means “too long; didn’t read” and is used when you provide a summary of a longer comment or article. A hilarious Tumblr  (now private?) creates TL;DR versions of Wikipedia articles.  Even though the original Tumblr doesn’t appear to be available, Google Images is your friend.  

Fan-Made Stanley Cup Closing Montage

CBC used to do great montages during every game of the Stanley Cup Finals as well as after the series was over.  Apparently they let the montage guy” go when they struck a deal to partner with Sportsnet but luckily a fan has taken up the challenge… (Also disappointed they didn’t do the “State Your […]

Pace Guest Post: How To Make a Miracle Safe

I couldn’t think of anything to post tonight so I asked Pace if he’d seen anything cool on YouTube lately. This is what he suggested…

100 Places of Dance

Humans and technology and creativity = awesome.