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“100 Weirdest Animals on Earth” Video Becomes a Fun Game With Pace

Pace likes to watch non-stop YouTube clips about video games – Minecraft, Halo, etc. etc. and it’s not really my thing. So the other night, looking for some common ground when we decided to watch some YouTube together, he suggested “Science Videos” (cool that he thinks of that as a place where we connect!)  Anyhow, […]

Friday Fun Link – Explain The Events of Star Wars IV-VI Like You Are A Heavily-Biased Imperial History Textbook

This is pretty funny stuff… The Emperor’s most trusted lieutenant and advisor, Darth Vader, was seen as an imposing and frightening figure to those who did not know him. This was because Vader, a veteran of the Clone Wars, had been injured in battle, and required a full-body suit to sustain him. The suit was […]

Music Monday – “They’re singing deck the halls/But it’s not like Christmas at all/I remember when you were here/All the fun we had last year”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, noted curmudgeonly TV host, David Letterman hates Christmas music. But each year, he makes an exception for Darlene Love’s version of “It’s Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” which he featured on his talk show with a four piece backing band in his earliest years… …and which has grown over the years to a […]

Friday Fun Link – 7 Top Kickstarter Projects Now Available on Amazon

Some really interesting, cool stuff here.

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

A few years back, I did a post about Reddit’s /r/mapporn sub-Reddit. Now someone has compiled some of the best maps from that sub-Reddit that will blow your mind in one way or another.

100 Years of Style

Here’s another of those popular “Take yourself through time” videos – this one focused on fashion as much as music or dance or whatever…

Friday Fun Link – The World’s Most Contagious MythConceptions

These are 52 wildly held beliefs that also happen to be completely wrong. How many did you think were true?  (I’ll admit that I thought about a dozen of these were true – I’m just not going to admit which ones!)

We Live On An Amazing Planet

Yes, we do.

The Next Five Years of Superhero Movies

This infographic excites me greatly…

Friday Fun Link – Do Not Touch

This site is pretty cool – a band created a crowdsourced music video comprised of people who visited their site following the instructions on screen.  Try it yourself!