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Friday Fun Link – Do Not Touch

This site is pretty cool – a band created a crowdsourced music video comprised of people who visited their site following the instructions on screen.  Try it yourself!

Percentage of US Workers Who Are Male/Female By Occupation

Ranging anywhere from kindergarten teacher (97.7% female) to boilermakers (99.8% male), this chart has lots of information that probably confirms what you already know but also provides an interesting overview of gender roles in the workplace. Librarians come in at 18% male/82% female right between “social worker” and “general office clerk” whereas for Shea (and my […]

“I thought that music mattered. But does it bollocks? Not compared to how people matter.”

Here’s a great scene from the highly underrated British movie, “Brassed Off” which I re-watched this afternoon. (Bonus points for this speech also providing a sample for the song “Tubthumping” by anarcho-punk collective, Chumbawamba) This band behind me’ll tell you that that trophy means more to me than owt else in the whole world. But […]

Friday Fun Link – How Would Steve Jobs Sell You A Pen?

“Sell me this pen.” An old business school cliche, recently brought to attention again in the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” gets a fictional Steve Jobs spin.

Random Thoughts on #Apple’s Big Event Yesterday

Shea was home and planning to watch the livestream of the event but it was so crappy, we ended up having a nice family evening of watching the archive of the event after the kids went to bed.  Here’s some random thoughts (or if you want a more humourous take)… The reason she’s so pumped […]

Friday Fun Link – All The Cool Kids Hang Out at the Library

More on how the earliest recorded signature of Elvis Presley was discovered.

Friday Fun LInk – “The Coolest” Cooler Breaks Pebble’s Kickstarter Record

The Coolest – a modern cooler integrating all kinds of cool technology and gimzos has unseated Pebble’s over two year long record for highest earning Kickstarter offering, earning $10.7 million to Pebble’s $10.3 million. The Kickstarter has closed now so you can’t get in, even if you wanted to (I did for Pebble but not […]

Friday Fun Link – GasRun.ca

GasRun. ca is a pretty cool site that uses your location to estimate the day’s gas price then allows you to enter two destination points and the type of vehicle you drive to estimate how much it would cost for you to travel one-way or return between those two points. So, as an example, I typed […]

Friday Fun Link – 20 Seconds of Tetris Madness

I used to love playing Tetris but I was never this good…

How Fan Loyalty Changed Throughout the World Cup / World Cup Footballs Throughout History

Congrats Germany! A couple final World Cup links… How fan loyalty changed throughout the World Cup World Cup footballs throughout history A cool fan-made video does a great job of capturing what it’d be like to be there, taking in the World Cup festivities (although he seems overly taken with the “RAF from England shot […]