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National Geographic MegaFactories: Coca-Cola

It always boggles my mind that human beings are able to design something so intricate and precise yet massive and overwhelming at the same time…

13 Best Entries from the TL;DR Tumblr Version of Wikipedia

TL;DR means “too long; didn’t read” and is used when you provide a summary of a longer comment or article. A hilarious Tumblr  (now private?) creates TL;DR versions of Wikipedia articles.  Even though the original Tumblr doesn’t appear to be available, Google Images is your friend.  

Fan-Made Stanley Cup Closing Montage

CBC used to do great montages during every game of the Stanley Cup Finals as well as after the series was over.  Apparently they let the montage guy” go when they struck a deal to partner with Sportsnet but luckily a fan has taken up the challenge… (Also disappointed they didn’t do the “State Your […]

Pace Guest Post: How To Make a Miracle Safe

I couldn’t think of anything to post tonight so I asked Pace if he’d seen anything cool on YouTube lately. This is what he suggested…

100 Places of Dance

Humans and technology and creativity = awesome.

25 Genius Camping Hacks

Some Unique International Borders

This is pretty cool. (Make sure you click on some of the images suggested in the comments as well!)

Friday Fun Link – Find Out Which Technologies A Web Site Is Using

BuiltWith.com is a cool site that will allow you to find out what technologies any web site is using.  I thought it would just say “WordPress” for my site but turns out it identifies everything from the server software to the hosting company to various plug-ins. Here are the full results for headtale.com.  

Friday Fun Link – Find Out What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born Today

This site uses census data to match your name’s popularity the year you were born (Jason = #3 in 1973) with the same ranked name from this year (Mason = #3 in 2015) as well as some other years as well. For the record… Shea would be Amaya Pace would be Abriel Sasha would be Zara […]

Have You Pressed “The Button”?

What started as an unusual April Fool’s joke – a single button appeared a special sub-Reddit – has turned into a genuine social media phenomenon which may have implications for online collaboration in the development of public policy, software and numerous other areas. The button had a 60-second countdown counter which users could only push once and […]