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Friday Fun Link – Copyrighted Books For Free, Legally! (Offer Only Good in Norway)

On top of the recent news that by being excellent stewards of their country’s oil wealth, each Norway citizen was now a “millionaire”* (as opposed to some oil-rich jurisdictions that weren’t quite so successful in this regard), comes this story about the National Library of Norway finding a way to make copyrighted works available to [...]

About That Future…

Man, we live in amazing times… 50 Things We Know Now That We Didn’t Know This Time Last Year 10 Best Gadgets at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show The Future of Technology (Infographic) A Day with Google Glass… …and for a reminder of how far we’ve come…  10 Most Influential Software Packages of All-Time

Wringing Out A Towel in Space

I got Chris Hadfield’s “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” as a Christmas gift and just finished it.  That inspired me to revisit some of the videos he made on the International Space Station. How cool is this one?  (And am I the only one who wonders how they ensure the little bubbles of [...]

Time: The History and Future of Everything

I know my Atheist Advent series of technically over but I’ll share one final video I had bookmarked that I thought addressed one specific issue really well, namely that a big part of the reason that human are religious is that we simply fail to grasp the time scales involved in things like evolution and [...]

Atheist Advent Calendar – Day 15 – Christopher Hitchens RIP

Amazing man. Watch this…

Life Hacks: What’s Something I Can Learn Right Now in Ten Minutes That Will Be Useful for the Rest of My Life?

Various cool life hacks from Quora, Reddit, Buzzfeed, a whole Life Hacks web site  – plus a list of unethical life hacks, also from Reddit.                                                               (I’ll have [...]

Music Monday – “Your love is like an ocean/That always takes me home/Whispering wind is blowing/Telling me I’m not alone” #gc101 #greycup #yqr #riders

Well, in the end, the Riders held on to win the Grey Cup yesterday in a game (and really an entire season) that felt pre-destined.  The Grey Cup losses in 2009 & 2010, the Grey Cup being held in Regina for only the third time in its history (and last time at historic Taylor Field), [...]

Friday Fun Link – Wikipedia’s List of Emerging Technologies

Covering all kinds of sectors from energy to manufacturing to health and more.  Fascinating glimpse at the near future.

I Know We Get To See Hedley At The Grey Cup in Regina…

…but I’d much prefer a half-time show like this one: Here’s a Today show report on how they do it (hint: there’s (even) an app for that!) (Oh, and full credit to my lovely and way-more-witty-than-I-am wife for that Hedley joke in the title of this post!)

Music Monday – “The memories we are amassing/Will stand as testament that somehow/We bent minds around the concept/That we see others within ourselves/That self-knowledge can be found on bookshelves”

This is really good… “Remember How We Forgot” – Shane Koyczan and Hannah Epperson