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Have You Pressed “The Button”?

What started as an unusual April Fool’s joke – a single button appeared a special sub-Reddit – has turned into a genuine social media phenomenon which may have implications for online collaboration in the development of public policy, software and numerous other areas. The button had a 60-second countdown counter which users could only push once and […]

Friday Fun Link – How-Old.net

Microsoft recently launched a new site called How-Old.net that went viral due to its use of fancy math algorithms to guess the ages of people in pictures you upload. (Full warning – Shea read some article on Facebook saying the site has fine print that Microsoft obtains rights to re-use your photos or something so […]

Friday Fun Link – Johnny Gaudreau Ultimate Highlights

Flames clinched!

Friday Fun Link – Listen To Every Single Music Genre Ever

Someone posted an article on Facebook about a cool site called Every Noise At Once. The site allows you to listen to samples and playlists of every kind of genre of music there is, grouped by similarity and searchable by artist, location and many other ways.

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Maui Sunset (January 2012)

Pace suggested it would be better to have the words in different colours on this post…

Travel Planning, Coincidence and (Another) Once In A Lifetime Experience

Recently, at my library, I delivered a program called “Trip Planning 2.0: How To Research Your Vacation Online” where I gave registrants a “guided tour” of some the most useful sites for trip planning, both well-known (Google, TripAdvisor) and lesser-known (Reddit, FourSquare). (The program was basically an expanded version of a blog post I did […]

Friday Fun Link- A Hard Day’s Night First Chord Solved?

Friday Fun Link – iPhone 4 Inside Guitar Oscillating

Pretty cool video…

Friday Fun Link – AllTheMinutes (Twitter Clock)

You may want to turn your Mute button but otherwise, the site AllTheMinutes.com is pretty cool. It shows a clock comprised of live tweets (one per second) from people around the world who have mentioned the current time. Great insight into the boring everyday lives of humanity (at least those who use Twitter!)

“100 Weirdest Animals on Earth” Video Becomes a Fun Game With Pace

Pace likes to watch non-stop YouTube clips about video games – Minecraft, Halo, etc. etc. and it’s not really my thing. So the other night, looking for some common ground when we decided to watch some YouTube together, he suggested “Science Videos” (cool that he thinks of that as a place where we connect!)  Anyhow, […]