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Friday Fun Link – All The Cool Kids Hang Out at the Library

More on how the earliest recorded signature of Elvis Presley was discovered.

Friday Fun LInk – “The Coolest” Cooler Breaks Pebble’s Kickstarter Record

The Coolest – a modern cooler integrating all kinds of cool technology and gimzos has unseated Pebble’s over two year long record for highest earning Kickstarter offering, earning $10.7 million to Pebble’s $10.3 million. The Kickstarter has closed now so you can’t get in, even if you wanted to (I did for Pebble but not […]

Friday Fun Link – GasRun.ca

GasRun. ca is a pretty cool site that uses your location to estimate the day’s gas price then allows you to enter two destination points and the type of vehicle you drive to estimate how much it would cost for you to travel one-way or return between those two points. So, as an example, I typed […]

Friday Fun Link – 20 Seconds of Tetris Madness

I used to love playing Tetris but I was never this good…

How Fan Loyalty Changed Throughout the World Cup / World Cup Footballs Throughout History

Congrats Germany! A couple final World Cup links… How fan loyalty changed throughout the World Cup World Cup footballs throughout history A cool fan-made video does a great job of capturing what it’d be like to be there, taking in the World Cup festivities (although he seems overly taken with the “RAF from England shot […]

Friday Fun Link – 29 Photos That Show The True Meaning of Playing With Death

Some very scary photos here…

Friday Fun Link – You’re Getting Old

Great site to show you a bunch of details and trivia based on how old you are.

My Suggestion for A Better Way to Make Sure A #yxe Father Is Close To His Ill Son #yqr #saskatchewan

Looks like WestJet’s trying to repeat their successful Christmas viral video with another one that will pull your heartstrings for Father’s Day (plus to help make the video go viral, they’ve offered additional flights to Ronald McDonald families for every 100,000 views the clip gets up to a maximum of 500,000.) Of course, this is very generous of […]

Because It’s The Cup…

The second team to make it to the Stanley Cup Final was decided tonight as the Los Angeles Kings beat the Chicago Blackhawks in overtime of Game 7 of the Western semi-final. The Kings will meet the New York Rangers, starting later this week. To celebrate another Stanley Cup, here’s an amazing video featuring a montage of every […]

Solar Panels Could Replace Pavement on Highways and Roads

Yes, please!