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Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Defining HR Successes? (Oct 2011)

At the annual RPL Staff Development Day in 2011, I had to do an activity with my co-workers where we listed some of the successes of the HR Unit where I was working at the time. Of course, I’d found out a couple weeks earlier that my position as Organization Development Specialist was being eliminated […]

Music Monday – “They call me a troublemaker ’cause I’m finally saying “no”/I’ve been working hard and yet my pay is still so low

A highlight of my time at the Writers Guild of Alberta was getting to book Maria Dunn to speak and perform at our annual conference at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. “Troublemaker” – Maria Dunn

Random Thoughts on 2013 #tedxregina #yqr (and My Hypothetical TED Talk Topics)

Went to TEDxRegina yesterday and honestly, my thoughts on the afternoon, with a couple exceptions, are pretty much the same as my thoughts on the inaugural one in 2012. Perhaps because I usually cherry-pick the best TEDTalks when watching online, both years I’ve gone in expecting all TEDx talks will be stellar too.  But honestly, […]

Getting Excited for @TEDxRegina #yqr

Went to TEDxRegina last year and am excited to be going again this year.  Plus, unlike last year when I went on my own time, this year my employer is funding me plus a few other colleagues to attend.  Yay! That is *exactly* what I was saying last year about how libraries need to ensure […]

Music Monday – "Outside my window/I listen to the rain/And the sounds of the passin' cars/And the waves on English Bay"

We're back from our trip (actually, have been back since last Thursday night but I was enjoying my blog holiday too much to start posting right away.)  But today was back to work and so I'll get back to working on my blog as well.  I'm not sure if the blog holiday will influence how […]

Saturday Snap – A Cart (A Range? A Collection? A Bay?) of Librarians at CLA 2010

My “Misadventures at CLA 2010” series sort of died out after a couple days, somewhat ironically because I was out having mis-adventures that left me less time for actually summarizing what I was up to.  (And let's be honest – the first two I wrote were pretty “I did this then I did this” boring […]

My Answers to the CLA Mini-Survey

As part of their preparations for the AGM, CLA has been distributing a two-question mini-survey to members soliciting feedback about how CLA is perceived and how it can better accomplish its mandate.  Here are my answers:1. Why does CLA matter?To me, CLA matters because it is (and/or should be) the only national voice for all […]

Friday Fun Link – Cash Cow: User Fees in Alberta Public Libraries (June 4, 2010)

Posting this as a Friday Fun Link sorta feels like being the party guest who comes over and starts criticizing your housekeeping or your parenting skills or whatever.  But anyhow, here I am in Edmonton, enjoying the CLA conference and I can't help but re-post my essay, “Cash Cow: User Fees in Alberta Public Libraries“.  […]

Misadventures at CLA 2010 – Day Two

It was a long day today, what with an early start for the First-Timer's breakfast (which I like to attend even though I am slowly realising I can no longer claim “baby librarian” status and might have to shift to being a self-described “toddler librarian” ) and also because I had that second scotch late […]

Misadventures at CLA 2010 – Day One

I did daily posts from CLA in 2006 when I ferried a van load of UWO students for that conference in Ottawa from London.  Last year in Montreal, I was too busy being a Ryan Meili fan boy to do CLA-related posts but I'm back with a vengeance this year.  So let's recap the day […]