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Throwback Thursday – #tbt – I Think My Co-Workers Decorated My Door Out of Love (Maybe?) (Dec 2007)

When I worked for Southeast Regional Library, I came in to find someone had photocopied the cover of a new library book and added it to my door as a decoration.   Hmmm…

Friday Fun Link – Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

After the announcement, some were in favour, some were against and some were  surprised. As an English major, a music fan, a librarian and someone who’s worked in and still involved with book publishing, I have absolutely no issue with this choice – mostly because it means I got to see a Nobel Laureate in concert! 😉 […]

Saturday Snap – Me on CBC

Got fairly short notice (just over an hour) invitation from RPL’s Marketing Unit who needed someone to go on CBC Radio’s “Blue Sky” noon hour program to talk about books we’re recommending these days and other topics yesterday. Since I’m a good guy, always eager to help a colleague who’s in a bind plus not uncomfortable […]

Read Books, Live Longer?

Even after controlling for other factors that may mean some people are more likely to read than others (education, gender, age, etc.), a recent study shows that people who read more are more likely to live longer… Compared with those who did not read books, those who read for up to three and a half […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Three Obituaries

Usually Throwback Thursday is for a photo from the old days but I’ve got a collection of obituaries I’ve come across recently that I thought I’d discuss instead since all three send me down memory lane in different ways… Author, publisher, businessman and activist, Mel Hurtig, passed away yesterday. I never got to meet him […]

Saturday Snap – Fun With Library Displays (US Election Edition)

Sometimes I really enjoy working in a library… 😉

Friday Fun Link – Books Everyone Should Read

Word cloud created from the “most read books” lists from a variety of libraries, booksellers, book web sites and other sources… (via Reddit)

FTRW 2016 – Day Seven – Saturday Snap – Freedom to Read in Cuba?

Below are a couple photos I took in Havana during our 2011 trip to Cuba. This was a street vendor stall selling books (which is good!) but most here (and in our hotel’s gift shop or anywhere else we found books) were heavily propagandistic (bad!). Cuba isn’t commercialized with billboards selling blue jeans and soda but in its […]

2015 End of Year Memes: Two Tropical Trips, Election Wins & Loses, Campy Camper Camping

1. What did you do this year that you’d never done before? One of many secret shames in that I never learned how to downhill ski when I was growing up.  The first year we did a class trip to Mission Ridge in the Qu’Appelle Valley, I was injured and couldn’t go.  Then the next […]

“Home Alone” in the Style of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”

I think someone just went wild with a thesaurus instead of trying to capture the style of McCarthy.  But this is still an interesting attempt to capture McCarthy’s style of writing. They lift the kid by his blood-dimmed sweater and hang him on a coatrack. Madness on their faces. The mantis gone moronic. The squat’s tonsured head […]