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Kids React To The Beatles

I am pleasantly surprised at the majority of the reactions these kids have to clips of the Beatles at various points in their history…

Music Monday – “I’ve had enough of watching scenes/Of schizophrenic, ego-centric, paranoiac, prima-donnas/All I want is the truth now/Just gimme some truth”

“Gimme Some Truth” – John Lennon

Friday Fun Link – Listen To Every Single Music Genre Ever

Someone posted an article on Facebook about a cool site called Every Noise At Once. The site allows you to listen to samples and playlists of every kind of genre of music there is, grouped by similarity and searchable by artist, location and many other ways.

Friday Fun Link- A Hard Day’s Night First Chord Solved?

Atheist Advent Calendar – Day 8 – John Lennon, The World’s Most Famous Atheist?

John Lennon was murdered 33 years ago today.  He is perhaps the most famous atheist to have ever lived. While still a member of the Beatles, he caused an enormous controversy by stating a view shared by all of the group’s members: Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that; […]

Paul McCartney’s Bass Playing

Paul McCartney is well-known as a multi-instrumentalist – proficient on drums, skilled on guitar and keyboard and virtuoso on bass.  After yesterday’s post about how I used to read rec.music.beatles, I stumbled across an analysis of his bass playing over the years which is quite good. Here’s the end of the article where a few […]

Alan W. Pollack’s “Notes On” Beatles Series

Way back in the early days of my use of the Internet (around 1996-97), I spent *a lot* of time on Usenet (basically, a precursor of today’s message boards and forums.) I regularly visited a few newsgroups including rec.music.beatles which is where I first came across Alan W. Pollack’s “Notes On” series where he’d do an […]

The Beatles’ Last Photo Shoot

Okay, this has officially turned into a Beatles blog. Honestly, I was trying to find something different to write about.  But this was the first story on the front page of MetaFilter when I looked at that site in search of ideas for a post for today and so I thought I’d pass along a […]

Music Monday – Paul McCartney – “Live in New York City” Full DVD on YouTube

Who knows how long it will be there but right now, there’s a full version of the most recent Paul McCartney concert DVD up on YouTube (I’ve been listening to the CD version on Rdio non-stop for the last week!)

Who Is The Paul McCartney Band?

So the recent concert got me curious about the current members of his band – who are they (other than obviously top-flight, crackerjack musicians?) Here are some video clips that feature each of them… Rusty Anderson (Lead Guitar) Brian Ray (Guitar, Bass) Paul “Wix” Wigens (Keyboards, Guitar, Accordian) Abe Laboriel Jr. (Drums)