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Friday Fun Link – Daddy and Baby Dubsmashing

A stay-at-home dad used a popular app to send his wife videos about how things were going at home. Here’s a mash-up of the results…

Friday Fun Link – How Secure Is My Password?

This site lets you know if your passwords are very secure.

Apple 2015 WWDC

Lots of big announcements from Apple today… Highlights:

Friday Fun Link – How Would Steve Jobs Sell You A Pen?

“Sell me this pen.” An old business school cliche, recently brought to attention again in the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” gets a fictional Steve Jobs spin.

Music Monday – “9 was minding his business/Talking to 10 about Gordie Howe’s clothes/Why 7 ate 9 nobody knows”

Pace’s grade one class has access to a site called IXL.ca.  This site has a series of modules on various aspects of math that kids can work through to learn concepts including counting, addition, shapes and so on. There are dozens of modules under various headings, each with escalating levels of difficulty – for example, under […]

The Story Behind the Development of the First iPhone

This in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes developments that led to the creation of the first iPhone is filled with all kinds of stories of innovation on a tightrope. It’s positively shocking how close the first iPhone launch (with a demo product that was apparently held together by duct tape and wishes!) came to being a […]

The Fair Phone: The World’s First Fair Trade, Environmentally Audited Smart Phone

Feel guilty about how your smartphone was made and by whom?  Perhaps the Fair Phone is for you! (If Fair Phone sounds too good to be true, you have another good option – buy second-hand tech instead of running to buy the latest and greatest, most fashionable device.) (via MetaFilter)

Saturday Snap – “May the Fourth Be With You” Nerd Family Edition

A few different shots in honour of perhaps the nerdiest day of the year: I’m not a programmer but via a handy online interface, was able to create my own watchface for my “21st Century Calculator Watch“.  There’s also a web site with lots of other cool watchfaces others with greater skills than my own […]

Pube Juice

This is kind of dumb but for some reason, Shea and I were absolutely killing ourselves reading these out loud tonight!

Apple TV/Airplay Combo as an Undiscovered Reading Boon to Handicapped and Visually Impaired

An article about how the various iDevices, used in conjunction with Airplay and Apple TV, can act as a natural magnifier and allow single-handed operation for allowing the reading of web content and e-books on a big screen. As I increasingly get familiar with my temporary new role of Outreach Librarian at Regina Public Library, […]