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Music Monday – “You’ll be doin’ all right, with your Christmas of white/But I’ll have a blue, blue blue blue Christmas”

This is a fitting song for my last Melancholy Christmas Music Monday post this month – both for the sad lyrics but also how its being performed in front of and indirectly evoking Barack Obama (and heck, if you squint, even the “Christmas of white” could be a reference to Trump’s support among white working […]

Our Christmas Timeline

November 11 – Remembrance Day in Canada is Singles Day (aka 11/11) in China so we usually buy a few things direct from sites like AliExpress on what is China’s equivalent of Black Friday to get our Christmas shopping started. November 12 – Remembrance Day is over so I can officially start getting into the Christmas […]

Music Monday – “An old man said to me, won’t see another one/And then he sang a song, The rare old mountain dew/I turned my face away/And dreamed about you”

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about getting older, life, and mortality the past year in a variety of ways – from unexpected illness (Gord Downie) and death (Prince, David Bowie) of relatively young celebrities to the death of my Aunt Verna who is my first aunt or uncle to die out of my […]

Saturday Snap – My Favourite Christmas Tradition?

One of Shea’s and my Christmas traditions is that we go out for lunch together without kids (usually) sometime in December to a place where we can have a good meal and possibly a pint or other refreshing beverage as well. We were both off yesterday so decided to visit the Rochdale Leopold’s (I’d been before […]

Music Monday – “I felt like a king on the 25th day/Most precious of gifts returned my gaze/Not seventeen years, in fact less a day/Who dreamed of red flowers surrounding a grave?/Another trip ’round the sun rewinds misery/The whiskey, the tree and me”

I love that the local independent radio station wakes me up every morning and I doubly love when a song penetrates my brain as I switch from sleeping to being awake. Today, this was the song I heard as I dozed between sleep and wake… “The Whiskey, The Tree and Me” – JJ Voss

Music Monday – “Little sister brought her new boyfriend/He was a Mexican/We didn’t know what to think of him until he sang/Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad”

Still a couple days until it’s officially December but what the hey – time for some Christmas music! “Merry Christmas from the Family” – Robert Earl Keene

Saturday Snap – Great Christmas Light Display on Sangster Blvd #yqr

We’re pretty lucky that this house is about a block from our house.  And doubly lucky because the unseasonably warm weather allowed us to walk over in light jackets to check it out the other night. That let us hear the outside speakers and although this angle doesn’t show it, the kids also loved seeing […]

The 10 Most Unique Experiences In My Life

Shea and I have reached that point in our lives where we tend to buy most Christmas gifts for ourselves and then label them as if they were from each other. But we do usually try to get at least one original “surprise” gift as well – for example, this year I bought her some […]

10 “Injuries” During Our Cuba Trip

Shea jammed her finger winding up a Christmas spinning toy before we even left but luckily it only hurt for a day. Coming from a long line of Scots, I refuse to pay for something I can get for free. So while Shea goes to a tanning salon before any trip to get a nice glow […]

Merry Christmas!

One of the best Christmases I can remember – great gifts, great food, great moments, great family plus in two days, we’re off to Cuba! Enjoying Christmas supper… Sasha got cool sunglasses for the beach and a new hoodie from Grandpa and Grandma… She also loved her princess dress-up outfit…   Pace had a parkour […]