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Throwback Thursday – #tbt – “We’ve Woken Up This Party!” @ryanmeili 2013 Video #skndpldr #skpoli

This is a video I made in the lead-up to the 2013 Sask NDP Leadership Vote. And honestly, do I detect an echo? So many of the things that Ryan led in during in the last leadership race are areas where he’s once again leading in – fundraising, “fun”raising, engaging members, online engagement, etc. etc. etc. […]

.@SUMA_amplify Passes Resolution Supporting Increased Funding For #sask Libraries #skpoli #saveSKLibraries

Good to see that the organization comprised of urban municipalities across Saskatchewan passed a resolution at their recent convention calling for members to advocate for increased funding for public libraries. Therefore be it resolved that the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association advocate the Government of Saskatchewan to adequately fund the public library system to keep pace […]

A Better Story: Analyzing Why @ryanmeili Has The Momentum In The #skndpldr Race #skpoli

Ryan Meili has just released the above video which captures a powerful message about his campaign and what he wants to bring (back) to the province – the NDP’s ability to tell stories that resonate with people.   There are a lot of ways to indicate who has momentum in a leadership race – some more […]

Saturday Snap – New Reading Glasses

Apparently the latest research is showing that kids that don’t quite need regular glasses can still benefit from starting with reading glasses which, in turn, reduces their prescription when they do get glasses and also the odds of worse eye problems (glaucoma, etc.) later in life.

Friday Fun Link – 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To On Our #MoonPalace #Cancun Vacation @palaceresorts

This will be the first time we’ve done a two-week all-inclusive and I think it’ll be very luxurious considering a typical one-week vacation often only feels like much less than that since the first day is a travel day, the second day is a decompress/orientation day and then the second last day (for me anyhow) […]

On #FamilyLiteracyDay, Here’s My Endorsement of @ryanmeili – The Next Leader of @sask_ndp #skpoli #yqr #yxe

In the current Sask NDP leadership race, you’ll see lots of endorsements from many of the high profile people you’d expect to hear from – current and former MPs and MLA’s, grassroots and labour activists, young leaders and lifetime members. I’d like to talk to you from a different perspective – as a working librarian […]

Friday Fun Links – @ryanmeili In Review: A #skndpldr A Decade in the Making? #skpoli

I first got seriously involved with the Sask NDP after Ryan Meili announced as a candidate in the party’s 2009 Leadership contest. For that reason, I thought it might be useful for anyone reading this who is just getting involved with the Sask NDP now because of Ryan (or his opponent or simply because they’re […]

Mo Money, Mo Kittens

In the 2009 and 2013 Sask NDP leadership races, I was *very* opinionated and that often left me at cross-purposes, as an active member of Ryan’s team but also as a  blogger/Facebooker/Tweeter with my own thoughts, opinions and ego who didn’t mind getting into discussions and sharing my observations – respectful, heated or otherwise – […]

Public Service Announcement: Free Speech

As a massive believer in free speech, I love this XKCD comic! You absolutely have the right to say whatever you want (short of the illegal types of speech – hate speech and obscenity or shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre.) But you also have to accept that whatever you say might be criticized, questioned […]

Friday Fun Link – As The Deadline for #skndpldr Membership Sales Hits, It’s Time For A Throwback @ryanmeili Jam :-)

This post is one part #MusicMonday, one part #ThrowbackThursday and one part #FridayFunLink. But since the deadline for Sask NDP membership sales is only a few minutes away, it’s time for everybody who’s worked so hard over the past few months to relax, unwind, have a cup of herbal tea and enjoy the evening. Then […]