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Five Things We Underbudgeted For At Our Seasonal Campsite

Booze – I knew we’d drink a bit at our seasonal site but between booze being expensive and happy hour starting at noonish most days, it adds up fast! Dollar Store Junk – we’re spending a ridiculous amount each week on stuff that we use up quickly (glow sticks) or that breaks easily (every toy […]

Saturday Snap – Ramping Up The Friendships

Pace set up a bike ramp in front of our campsite and suddenly six kids showed up to ride on it with him (I managed to catch four of them in this photo.)

Friday Fun Link – Camping Hifi

Bluetooth speaker in a bucket…

Birthday Blogging or Birthday Clogging?

Last night, I looked back through all 10+ years of July 18 posts on this blog and I realised that I rarely post on my birthday. That’s probably a good thing – it shows I’m likely doing stuff in the real world instead of staring at a screen. 😉 For example, today I was out […]

Saturday Snap – Happy Canada Day!

Global TV: “Protesters Decry Steep Budget Cuts Across Saskatchewan” #skpoli #SaveSKLibraries

This is the Global News story about the protest we attended yesterday. One relevant quote from the article: “We tried to tell the minister just what the services are, how broad they are [and] what kind of good they’re doing for the community, but it’s obviously falling on deaf ears,” said Saskatchewan Library Trustee Association […]

Friday Fun Link – The Emperor Has No Clothes

Inauguration Day is usually a happy, exciting one but not this year…

Do You Celebrate A Factual or Post-Factual Christmas?

Saturday Snap – The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care

Close enough… (Merry Christmas Everyone!)

PSA: Do Your Backups!

I’ve had a few computer crashes over the years of varying degrees of severity. This year alone, I’ve had two (that’s just my laptop – I’ve probably had panicked moments with my phone for one reason or another too.) First, my Macbook Pro crashed in June.  It turned out that it was a hardware failure […]