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Music Monday – “Tell me baby/Do you recognize me?/Well it’s been a year/It doesn’t surprise me”

As it comes to close, lots of talk about 2016 being a jinxed year – Prince & David Bowie die, Gord Downie has cancer, Brexit, Trump wins and more. There’s still a week left so who knows what else will happen but now you’ve got one of the bestselling artists of all-time (both as a […]

Radio Garden: Listen To The World

This should probably be a Friday Fun Link but it’s so cool, I wanted to share it right away. More than a streaming service, Radio Garden allows you to easily move from radio station to radio station around the world in a very intuitive, easy-to-use fashion (although Chrome has WebGL disabled by default so you’ll either […]

Music Monday – “An old man said to me, won’t see another one/And then he sang a song, The rare old mountain dew/I turned my face away/And dreamed about you”

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about getting older, life, and mortality the past year in a variety of ways – from unexpected illness (Gord Downie) and death (Prince, David Bowie) of relatively young celebrities to the death of my Aunt Verna who is my first aunt or uncle to die out of my […]

Friday Fun Link – Map of the World’s Rudest Place Names Is A Thing of Beauty

Inordinately proud I’ve been to some of these places.  

Friday Fun Link – Analyzing the Best and Worst Movie Accents

A Hollywood accent coach made a video then followed it up with a Reddit AMA…

Secular Sunday – Ricky Gervais Destroys Religion in Interview

Honestly, how does anyone believe in god after you think about it for like, seven seconds?

Music Monday – “But if I work all day in the blue sky mine/There’ll be food on the table tonight.”

Happy Labour Day! “Blue Sky Mine” – Midnight Oil

“The Voter Is Always Right” vs. “Voting Against Your Best Interests”

Recent events (Federal Liberals sweep in Canada, Sask Party dominates in Saskatchewan, rise of Trump in States, Brexit vote in UK) have me thinking a lot about the notion of  “the voter is always right” vs. “people voting against their best interests” “The voter is always right” is something you usually hear after an election or […]

Music Monday – “I can’t sleep tonight/Everybody saying everything’s alright/Still I can’t close my eyes/I’m seeing a tunnel at the end of all these lights”

This is a very fitting song for the United Kingdom in a week that saw the population unexpectedly vote to leave the European Union via a very narrow margin in the “Brexit” referendum and then another upset as England is knocked out of the Euro Football Championships by Iceland of all places (cue jokes about England not being […]

Music Monday – “When I’m drunk/I dance like me dad/Started to dress a bit like him/Early morning when I wake up/I look like KISS but without the make-up”

Love the lyrics in this song (which are especially fun around Father’s Day!) For those who don’t know, Robbie Williams started in a boy band in the UK in the 1990’s, went solo and became even bigger pretty much everywhere on earth except North America. I also didn’t realise until I read the Wikipedia entry […]