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Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Here are a few things that caught my eye this past week… What are the best new products nobody knows about? (Quora) How We Die – Then and Now: Comparing Causes of Death, 1900 v. 2010 (Infographic) What Radiohead Song Always Moves You To Tears? (Reddit) How Poverty Taxes The Brain (Infographic) Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” […]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Some of the times science fiction led to science fact What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits What’s the single biggest mistake parents can make? (AskReddit) 40 Ways Kids Ruin Everything Good In This World (very funny!) How The Working Class Was Forgotten 10 Segments That Make Us Ashamed To Be Wrestling Fans And one […]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday – E-Books Edition

Bev Slopen is a Canadian Literary Agent who is experimenting with e-books to “learn what authors and publishers already know about the area”. Oyster, a “NetFlix for books” has launched.  The obvious rejoinder is “A Netflix for books?  We call that the library.”  But the reality is that libraries operate on a loaning model and […]

@paulmccartney in #yqr (and #ywg) Fan Guide #regina #winnipeg #outthere #macca #beatles #excited #onceinalifetime

Going to see Paul McCartney in Winnipeg on Monday or Regina on Wednesday night? Here are some useful resources (with a Regina bias as that’s where I’m located)… Local News & Info TicketMaster’s Paul McCartney – Regina FAQ (PDF) City of Regina Traffic & Construction Notices regarding the concert “McCartney’s First Regina Concert Sure To Be Memorable” […]

Friday Fun Link – The Fucking Home Page

If you can get past the gratuitous swearing, the Fucking Home Page actually has pretty interesting content each new day.

Too Many Tabs Tuesday – Bookworm Edition

50 Reasons You Should Be a Bookworm 8 Reasons You Should Sign Up For GoodReads In Re Books Wrap-up: A Presentation by Jessamyn West of  14 Ways Public Libraries Are Good for the Country [Edit: found a few more links…] MetaFilter: The Holy Grail of Publishing Metrics – how e-book readers “read” their owners for […]

Five Topics

Haven’t done one of these “5 Quick Hits” posts in awhile… Hockey I didn’t miss the NHL when it was locked out but I can honestly say that today was the first day I felt like coming home from work, popping open a beer and settling in to watch a game.  Luckily that will be […]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Body language expert analyses first US debate – finds Obama wins (also, we’re all monkeys striving for dominance deep down) What are the most important characteristics from childhood you should hold on to?  (Quora) Is there evidence that working from home improves efficiency?  (Quora) Why Campaign Reporters Are Behind the Curve How to Manage Thinkers […]

Too Many Tab Tuesday – Library Edition

If You Could Redesign Any Aspect of Your Library, What Would You Do?  (Reddit) Annoying Things Library Patrons Do/Say (LibraryThing) One Hundred Zeroes – ongoing updated list of Amazon bestseller e-books available for free Book Burning Party To Save a Library – this story and video made the rounds of the biblioblog/FB/Twitter-sphere awhile ago saying […]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

“Wake Up Moms, You’re Fighting the Wrong Fight” – points out that it’s ridiculous to argue about the recent Time breastfeeding cover and instead, all US moms should be pushing for a benefit that new moms in the vast majority of the world get – paid maternity leave.  Why Nicolas Tesla was the Greatest Geek […]