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Ten Random Thoughts

Not sure if the anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day worked for Pace.  He called me a “stupid noob” when I got home then gave me a double shot to the stomach! Time to cut back on the Minecraft I guess… 😉 Talking to people who don’t live in Libraryland often makes me realise that librarians are […]

Friday Fun Link – Ten Things That Can Ruin An E-Book Help Session at the Library

So I consider myself a fairly tech-savvy individual. I’ve been using computers since I was ten years old.  The first computer I used regularly was a Commodore-64.  I sent my first e-mail in 1995 and designed my first web site in 1997. I’ve since designed numerous web sites and even got paid to produce many […]

2013-03-27 – Seven Things In My Brain This Week

Finding the A&W at the Cornwall Centre food court closed for renovations tonight, a co-worker suggested that we should “nationalize the fast food industry.” I helped a visually impaired patron mix up a protein shake the other day.  Now *that’s* customer service! 😉 If politics is like sport, losing the leadership race by 44 votes […]