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The Craziest Edit in Beatles History

I’ve got a mini-Beatles/music theme going on the past couple days (so much so that when I looked at my post about the Mi’kmaq version of “Blackbird” yesterday, I thought it *was* my Music Monday post and I’d somehow missed posting on Tuesday!) Anyhow, to keep the theme going, here’s a YouTube video about one […]

Friday Fun Link – A People Map of the Most Wikipedia Searched Person in Each Major City in the US

Who is the most searched resident of each city in the US on Wikipedia?

Friday Fun Link – Online Apps as 80’s Gadgets

A designer reimagines how various popular web sites would look as 1980’s gadgets.

Crash! My History With Technology’s Inevitable End

Had a scary moment this morning when my laptop wouldn’t charge and even crashed a couple times when I tried to get it working.¬† But luckily it appears that my charging block had simply stopped working and a new one seems to have things running smoothly again (considering I’m still running a 2011-era MacBook Pro […]

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Andrew Wang, on Universal Basic Income

The guy seems like a longshot but so did Donald Trump four years ago!  

List of Flags By Colour Combination (and the Story of One Man Who’s Edited 1/3 of Wikipedia Articles)

This is a pretty interesting Wikipedia article. Also, the news has picked up on the story of one guy who’s apparently edited 1/3 of Wikipedia’s millions of articles and created 35,000 original articles.

Saturday Snap – A Nice Note From #yqr @sarcanrecycling

Had a fun moment¬†at Sarcan today. Earlier this week, we finally got around to trying their “Drop & Go” option where you can just leave your cans and bottles with some kiosk-generated tags then, a few days later, you later get a call that a cheque is ready. This is way easier than waiting in […]

.@aoc_dances Is My New Favourite Twitter Account Today

So you may have heard that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had an “embarrassing” video of her dancing in a college video (which, in turn was a remake of an earlier mash-up) highlighted recently but that it didn’t go as well as the anonymous right-wing troll who tweeted it had hoped. Unsurprisingly, instead of embarrassment and scorn, […]

Five Books That Explain Why The World Is Fucked (Uhm, Happy New Year?!?)

Let’s start the New Year off right – with a list of Five Books That Explain Why The World Is Fucked. (via Reddit) (Happy New Year?!?)

The 100 Greatest Innovations of 2018

The year-end “best of” lists have begun!!!