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Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Dad, What’s a Video Store? (November 2009)

I never realised how the Netflix interface of rows of similar-themed movies mimics the layout of an old-fashioned video store. (Also note, this was around Grey Cup time and Pace was sporting a Riders jacket *and* green hair!)

The NHL Season Begins Tonight!

First overall draft pick, Auston Matthews has already had a memorable debut, setting a modern day record with four goals in his first game and yet, the futile Toronto Maple Leafs still lose 5-4 to the Ottawa Senators. And Regina isn’t the only city celebrating a new sports arena.  But as another NHL season kicks off, I’m […]

Sights & Sounds from the New #MosaicStadium Test Game #yqr

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the new Mosaic Stadium with some video footage of the day from CJME NewsTalk 980…

(Belated) Saturday Snap – Random Thoughts on the New #riders #MosaicStadium #yqr

(My “Saturday Snap” name has never seemed more appropriate as I post some thoughts and photos of our visit to the new Mosaic Stadium.  I meant to have these up Saturday night but supper with friends after the game then an awesome Fred Eaglesmith concert meant I didn’t finish this post until Sunday.) — Shea […]

“Liminal” by Rodney Mullen, Inventor of the “Ollie” Trick That Most Skateboarding Tricks Are Based On

Pace is getting into skateboarding which means that I’m getting into skateboarding. 😉 But I came across this article and video recently and did want to share because it’s *very* cool – the guy who invented “the ollie” (flat ground version) on which most modern skateboarding tricks are based who is now 49 years old […]

Comparing The Top NHL Players Across All Eras

A Redditor spent the summer creating a massive spreadsheet to assist in comparing the NHL’s best players across the decades. He goes into incredible detail about his methodology in his post and for the most part, it’s solid although some people point out that a team like the 1980 Oilers actually get punished for their success […]

This Is Not A Column About Ryan Lochte

Although the disgraced Olympic swimmer makes a good ink blot for society. For some, the 12-time Olympic medalist and his teammates epitomize the height of white privilege, while for others this whole mess is just a couple of kids getting a bit too drunk and bit too rambunctious one night in Rio de Janeiro.

Flipping Out at Get Air Trampoline Park in #yqr

My son not only did all the stunts in this video but stitched them together in iMovie. He’s going to be the world’s first combination stuntman/film editor! 😉

Music Monday – “I can’t sleep tonight/Everybody saying everything’s alright/Still I can’t close my eyes/I’m seeing a tunnel at the end of all these lights”

This is a very fitting song for the United Kingdom in a week that saw the population unexpectedly vote to leave the European Union via a very narrow margin in the “Brexit” referendum and then another upset as England is knocked out of the Euro Football Championships by Iceland of all places (cue jokes about England not being […]

Saturday Snap – ‘Rasslin

It’s good when I end up in a controlling position but I live in fear for when I let Pace up! 😉