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Raptors Parade Highlights in Eight Minutes

Pretty amazing spectacle.  

Saturday Snap – Jurassic Park, Regina

Sasha and I enjoying the Raptors’ championship win on Friday night with ~20,000 of our closest friends! 😉

Friday Fun Link – Raptors Win NBA Chamionship!

I used to be a pretty big basketball fan in high school but admit I’ve gotten away from the game.  But really enjoyed jumping on the bandwagon for the Raptors amazing playoff run that ended last night with them capturing the championship. (Saw an interesting piece of trivia – Leafs won their last Stanley Cup […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Go Raptors Go! (May 2017)

Pace and some of his friends trying out the new Raptors Junior Basketball Hoop that he got for his birthday a couple years ago…

The Best Part of the Blues Winning the Stanley Cup Tonight…

…is that I *finally* won the family hockey pool that a BC cousin has been running through regular season and playoffs for, what, ten years? You’d think that with twenty chances, I might have lucked into a win at least once, especially considering that probably more than half the entries are random picks by septuagenarian […]

Kevin Durant on Hot Ones

Lots of controversy about people cheering with Kevin Durant got re-injured during the Raptors game on Monday night. I have to be honest – my initial instinct was to cheer too, for a whole host of reasons: Since he’s one of the Warriors best players and a former two-time playoff MVP, I knew Durant being […]

How The Raptors Became An Elite Team Using Only Non-Lottery Players

  Heading into the big game tomorrow where the Toronto Raptors could clinch their first NBA championship, I found a video that might be helpful to all the new bandwagon fans (er, guilty – though I was a pretty massive NBA fan back in the Michael Jordan/Isiah Thomas/Magic Johnson era of the late 1980’s/early 1990’s) […]

Raptors Make NBA Finals


The Most Amazing End to a Hockey Game I’ve Ever Seen?

The Flames are out but I’m still watching NHL playoffs, especially with a bunch of games going to game seven and/or overtime which is always exciting. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sequence like the one that happened last night – Vegas Golden Knights leading the San Jose Sharks 3-0 with about ten […]

Flames Flame Out: 10 Thoughts on An Early Exit

After their best season in a generation and winning the Western Conference, I was super-stoked for a long playoff run by my Calgary Flames. Unfortunately, they flamed out in the first round losing to the 8th seed Colorado Avalanche in five games, shutting out the Avalanche in the first game but then losing four in […]