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Secular Sunday – Jesus Loves Floyd Mayweather Better Than Manny Pacquio

Yeah, that’s what happened…

Secular Sunday – Chocolate Crosses

Saw a supply of these in the Minot Wal-Mart a couple years ago and couldn’t decide whether to laugh, be offended (even as a non-Christian) or marvel at how crass capitalism can be sometimes! “Hey kids, enjoy this chocolate cross that represents where a man died for your sins!” “Oh, yummy!”

Secular Sunday – 40 Best Atheist Arguments

Worth reading.

Secular Sunday – Billions of People Through History…

How Secular Parenting Stacks Up

Pretty well actually… I could basically cut & paste the whole article as it’s all relevant but here are a few of my favourite sections… The results of such secular child-rearing are encouraging. Studies have found that secular teenagers are far less likely to care what the “cool kids” think, or express a need to […]