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Secular Sunday – Ricky Gervais Destroys Religion in Interview

Honestly, how does anyone believe in god after you think about it for like, seven seconds?

Secular Sunday – Moose Jaw Mother Wants To Remove “Lord’s Prayer” From Public School

It blows my mind that a vast majority of parents apparently voted that playing the Lord’s Prayer in school was okay in the first place. But I guess the vast majority once voted that black students shouldn’t mix with white students either and that injustice eventually got corrected as well.

Saturday Snap – Pace’s School Winter Concert

They’re not allowed to say “Christmas” but this year, his grade sang a recognizable Christmas song (“Let It Snow”) [Edit: oh, that’s funny.  I looked back at my post from three years ago about Pace’s first school concert and what song did I suggest would be a good, non-offensive choice but still “Christmasy”?  Someone from […]

Secular Sunday – The Joy of Celebrating A Godless Christmas

At my library branch, we’ve had lots of interesting conversations around the “Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas” dichotomy that always happens at this time of year in western society. We talked about how to balance the library’s responsibility to be inclusive and respectful of all faiths, cultures and beliefs but also how Christmas is the holiday most […]

People Criticize The Bible (When They Believe It’s The Koran)

This is funny sad…

Secular Sunday – God Responds to Aurora Shootings

This was a comment posted in response to a Christian minister’s CNN article explaining where god was during the Aurora shootings…

Secular Sunday – At What Point Does This Become Blasphemous?

Secular Sunday – Jesus Loves Floyd Mayweather Better Than Manny Pacquio

Yeah, that’s what happened…

Secular Sunday – Chocolate Crosses

Saw a supply of these in the Minot Wal-Mart a couple years ago and couldn’t decide whether to laugh, be offended (even as a non-Christian) or marvel at how crass capitalism can be sometimes! “Hey kids, enjoy this chocolate cross that represents where a man died for your sins!” “Oh, yummy!”

Secular Sunday – 40 Best Atheist Arguments

Worth reading.