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Saturday Snap – Our Super Bowl Party DJ

Saturday Snap – In the Car Wash

Weird to be going through the car wash in February in Saskatchewan on a +5 day but is there anything that makes you happier as a kid?

Saturday Snap – The Doctor Will See You Now

Kind of a frightening sight to be honest…

Saturday Snap – Rub-A-Dub-Dub

Saturday Snap – Sometimes I Have A Pretty Cool Job #LibraryAsCommunityLivingRoom

Like getting to teach one of our young regulars how to play chess with the oversized chess board that my branch recently borrowed from Central library. Then after seeing how quickly he picked up the game, watching as he went on to teach a few of our other young regulars over the past couple days.

Saturday Snap – Sk8r Kidz

How did our nine year old become a teenager? And of course his little sister idolizes him and if brother’s a skateboarder, she’s a “skateboarder friend”…

Saturday Snap – Great Photo of the Kids with Grandpa & Grandma

It’s amazing how having everyone looking at the camera *and* catching two kids smiling at the same time helps make a decent photo!

Saturday Snap – My Favourite Christmas Tradition?

One of Shea’s and my Christmas traditions is that we go out for lunch together without kids (usually) sometime in December to a place where we can have a good meal and possibly a pint or other refreshing beverage as well. We were both off yesterday so decided to visit the Rochdale Leopold’s (I’d been before […]

Saturday Snap – Ghost Pepper Wings

Shea: “Let’s try these. There’s no way a store would sell something that’s too hot. They probably put like a microgram of ghost pepper on the wings and they taste a bit hotter than regular buffalo wings.” Pace: “I don’t like hot food but I saw a video on YouTube saying ghost peppers are one […]

Saturday Snap – Great Christmas Light Display on Sangster Blvd #yqr

We’re pretty lucky that this house is about a block from our house.  And doubly lucky because the unseasonably warm weather allowed us to walk over in light jackets to check it out the other night. That let us hear the outside speakers and although this angle doesn’t show it, the kids also loved seeing […]