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Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Splash Park (July 2014)

Saturday Snap – Sk8r Kidz

How did our nine year old become a teenager? And of course his little sister idolizes him and if brother’s a skateboarder, she’s a “skateboarder friend”…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – New Years Eve Countdown, Iberostar Varadero (December 31, 2015)

Hard to believe that just over a year ago, we were celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cuba!

Saturday Snap – Great Photo of the Kids with Grandpa & Grandma

It’s amazing how having everyone looking at the camera *and* catching two kids smiling at the same time helps make a decent photo!

Our Christmas Timeline

November 11 – Remembrance Day in Canada is Singles Day (aka 11/11) in China so we usually buy a few things direct from sites like AliExpress on what is China’s equivalent of Black Friday to get our Christmas shopping started. November 12 – Remembrance Day is over so I can officially start getting into the Christmas […]

Saturday Snap – Cutie Pa-tootie

The Math Behind The Game Spot It!

Sasha and I were playing Spot It! today and it got me thinking how the game manages to have such a vast number of cards and yet there’s always one (and only one) match in the 16 (well, technically 15) symbols shown on any two random cards. (I totally love how the Internet can answer […]

Saturday Snap – That’s Not How Shoes Work

Or is it?

Saturday Snap – Terrible Twos Have Definitely Become The Trying Threes

Sasha’s making the most of being three these days.  In the last few weeks, she’s… Poured KD noodles and cheese powder on the floor of her bedroom (I think she also poured some powder in her sock drawer for good measure) Cannot go into the bathroom without playing with everything in her mom’s make-up drawer.  (When […]

Saturday Snap – @roryallenmusic with the Hammonds @officialRPL Regent Place “Retro” 50th Anniversary Event