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Saturday Snap – Happy Birthday Shea!

Love from all of us…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – One Month (and A Couple Days) Until Mexico (February 2017)

Here’s a few random pics from our trip last year…

Saturday Snap – “What do you mean, I have to be 13 to have a SaskNDP membership?” #skndpldr #skpoli @ryameili

I hope the angle of the button makes it clear that Sasha put this button on herself, not that her parents forced her to do it! (In fact, the sidelong glance is her eyeing up another one we had lying on our kitchen counter!) 🙂

Saturday Snap – Playing Giant Jenga? Better Break Out The Protective Gear!

As a precaution, Sasha put on her boots and brother’s skateboarding helmet at New Year’s to play the lifesize Jenga game that Grandpa Dennis made for us. I’d upload the video of the game finally toppling when Grandma Joan tried a difficult move but I jumped pretty high myself when it toppled over! 😉

A Few Post-Christmas Thoughts

I can’t find it now but I have a memory that in December 2011, I posted a screen grab of a weather forecast showing +4 for Dec 24, Dec 25 & Dec. 26.  (Here’s one from around the same time on the same subject.)  At any rate, it’s been brutally cold this week and I’m […]

Saturday Snap – Treats

Shea and I were both off Friday and with Pace in school, we did one of our annual traditions, putting Sasha in daycare and spending the day doing Christmas shopping, having lunch out together at a nice restaurant, and running a few other errands (eg. passing a bunch of Sasha’s clothes that she’s outgrown to […]

Saturday Snap – Gingerbread House

Saturday Snap – Tobogganing

Enjoyed a day off last Monday by taking the kids tobogganing…

Saturday Snap – Good Knight

Sasha was playing in the “tickle trunk” we keep of various costumes and other dress-up clothes…

Saturday Snap – Siblings