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10 Years Ago Today – Remembering My Eulogy for Grandma Hammond

A cousin’s Facebook post reminded me that today marks ten years since my Grandma Hammond passed away. It’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown! I had the great privilege of delivering her eulogy and although I know some family members were a bit uneasy about the fact that I didn’t do a very typical […]

Music Monday – “I’m grateful for all you’ve done/I never felt like I went without with what I had/And I’m proud to be your son/And I’m proud to call you my dad”

A video I made a couple years back which has a Father’s Day theme… “Pier 21” – John Wort Hannam

“Some Reasons” Redux… (aka Happy Father’s Day To My Dad!)

Five years ago on my dad’s 65th birthday, I posted a list of some of the many reasons I loved him – fond memories, funny memories, ways he’s helped me grow into the person I’ve become. It was probably the most personal thing I’ve ever posted to this blog.  And since dad turned 70 this […]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Here are a few things that caught my eye this past week… What are the best new products nobody knows about? (Quora) How We Die – Then and Now: Comparing Causes of Death, 1900 v. 2010 (Infographic) What Radiohead Song Always Moves You To Tears? (Reddit) How Poverty Taxes The Brain (Infographic) Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” […]

My Suggestion for A Better Way to Make Sure A #yxe Father Is Close To His Ill Son #yqr #saskatchewan

Looks like WestJet’s trying to repeat their successful Christmas viral video with another one that will pull your heartstrings for Father’s Day (plus to help make the video go viral, they’ve offered additional flights to Ronald McDonald families for every 100,000 views the clip gets up to a maximum of 500,000.) Of course, this is very generous of […]

Because It’s The Cup…

The second team to make it to the Stanley Cup Final was decided tonight as the Los Angeles Kings beat the Chicago Blackhawks in overtime of Game 7 of the Western semi-final. The Kings will meet the New York Rangers, starting later this week. To celebrate another Stanley Cup, here’s an amazing video featuring a montage of every […]

Music Monday – “Mother/You had me/But I never had you/I wanted you so bad/You didn’t want me.”

John Lennon’s raw, heartbreaking lament about accepting the abandonment and early loss of his mother as well as his absentee father.  Uhm, Happy Mother’s Day? “Mother” – John Lennon

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Some of the times science fiction led to science fact What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits What’s the single biggest mistake parents can make? (AskReddit) 40 Ways Kids Ruin Everything Good In This World (very funny!) How The Working Class Was Forgotten 10 Segments That Make Us Ashamed To Be Wrestling Fans And one […]

Ten Things That Make Me Happy These Days

I’ve recently rediscovered hummus.  God, that stuff is addictive! The local hard rock radio station playing German quasi-death metal on my drive back to work after lunch recently = Jason has a very productive afternoon! I’ve mentioned this before but getting to come home for lunch every day is beyond awesome. That’s partly because, when […]

Happy 11th Anniversary, Shea!

I posted this picture on our third anniversary back in 2006 but see that the link to the graphic’s ended up broken during one of my blog moves. So here’s the image once again – my favourite wedding picture (well, not counting the more spontaneous one of Shea running out of the water just as a […]