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The True Meaning of Christmas That Everyone Forgets

Someone on my Facebook posted a rather profound article about how the arguments between “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” are misguided. The article points out the fact that our Christmas traditions have well-documented roots back to a pagan time, long ago, when people came together for a festival during the longest night of the year […]

Music Monday – “Can’t get out of the yard / I’m snowed in with the drifts / No one is coming to open these gifts”

I’m a big believer that the best Christmas songs are the ones with a sense of sadness and melancholy underlying them. Corb Lund has jumped to the top of that category with his latest song.  An 80-year old rancher buying gifts for his gifts just in case they show up for Christmas even though they’re […]

Friday Fun Link – Spirit of the West’s John Mann Dancing

I recently wrote about the sad news that Spirit of the West lead singer, John Mann, has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Without being too hyperbolic, I have to say there aren’t many bands that have played as big of a role in my life as Spirit of the West – everything from the […]

Music Monday – “Now when she’s talking to you/Make sure you listen close/Cause she’s gonna teach everything you’ll ever need to know Like how to mind your manners to love and laugh and dream/And she’ll put you on the path/That’ll bring you back to me”

Shea’s lifelong friend, maid of honour, and guardian to Pace and Sasha, had her third baby last night. After having two boys, we were happy to hear that a baby girl, Abby, had joined their family – not least because we can pass along a bunch of clothes and other Sasha goodies to them!  ;-) […]

Music Monday – “And I know that by February/My thoughts on snow may be contrary/But this is now/And then is then.”

This is another annual tradition on this blog. I’m fudging a bit this year as the snow fell overnight from Monday to Tuesday but since it fits better as a Music Monday post, here’s my annual post of one of my favourite Hawksley Workman songs posted on a Tuesday but dated for Monday! “First Snow […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Halloween Costume Surprise

Pace was dressing as Batman for Halloween a couple years ago. I’d thought about buying the obvious costume to surprise him but pre-made costumes are expensive these days and it felt like a lot of money to buy for a one-off surprise.  At the same time, how many times to you get to be the sidekick to […]

An Illustrated Talk With Maurice Sendak

What Do Garden Fresh Carrots Have To Do With Working In A Public Library?

As part of the interview process for a Public Service Manager position at RPL, candidates are asked to do a presentation on “The Future of Public Libraries” to some of the librarians already working in the organization. I was able to attend one such presentation today and since we had a few minutes after the […]

Music Monday – “We arrived in December and London was cold/We stayed in the bars along Charing Cross Road/We never saw nothin’ but brass taps and oak/Kept a shine on the bar with the sleeves of our coats”

Heard the very sad news today that John Mann of Spirit of the West has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. Like many people who were college-aged in the 1990’s, Spirit of the West was basically a soundtrack to my life back then.  When I went to England on exchange in 1995, the lyric I quoted in […]

RIP Robin Williams (And My Ten Favourite Robin Williams Movies)

Shocking news today that Robin Williams has died, apparently by suicide.  Based on the way my Facebook feed lit up with the news, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m not unique in thinking of him as one of my favourite actors. His range in both comedies and dramas was outstanding and his genuine humanity […]