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Music Monday – “Mother/You had me/But I never had you/I wanted you so bad/You didn’t want me.”

John Lennon’s raw, heartbreaking lament about accepting the abandonment and early loss of his mother as well as his absentee father.  Uhm, Happy Mother’s Day? “Mother” – John Lennon

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Some of the times science fiction led to science fact What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits What’s the single biggest mistake parents can make? (AskReddit) 40 Ways Kids Ruin Everything Good In This World (very funny!) How The Working Class Was Forgotten 10 Segments That Make Us Ashamed To Be Wrestling Fans And one [...]

Ten Things That Make Me Happy These Days

I’ve recently rediscovered hummus.  God, that stuff is addictive! The local hard rock radio station playing German quasi-death metal on my drive back to work after lunch recently = Jason has a very productive afternoon! I’ve mentioned this before but getting to come home for lunch every day is beyond awesome. That’s partly because, when [...]

Happy 11th Anniversary, Shea!

I posted this picture on our third anniversary back in 2006 but see that the link to the graphic’s ended up broken during one of my blog moves. So here’s the image once again – my favourite wedding picture (well, not counting the more spontaneous one of Shea running out of the water just as a [...]

Music Monday – “It’s the same hate that’s caused wars from religion/Gender to skin color the complexion of your pigment/The same fight that lead people to walk-outs and sit-ins/It’s human rights for everybody/There is no difference”

In our digital age, where we are (or should be) trained to be skeptical about everything we read and see – was that model photoshopped? Was that anti-vaccine information published in a scientific journal or by a non-PhD holding, former Playmate?  Was that B-level celebrity’s meltdown just an attempt to gain publicity and attention? – [...]

Saturday Snap – A Sleeping Angel

The Best Christmas Ever?

Only partly tongue-in-cheek, I often think that the best Christmas I ever had was when we were living in Calgary and Shea had to work on a 7am to 3pm shift on Christmas Day, leaving me all alone for the day. It sounds sad but it turned out to be a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable day. [...]

Music Monday – “Your love is like an ocean/That always takes me home/Whispering wind is blowing/Telling me I’m not alone” #gc101 #greycup #yqr #riders

Well, in the end, the Riders held on to win the Grey Cup yesterday in a game (and really an entire season) that felt pre-destined.  The Grey Cup losses in 2009 & 2010, the Grey Cup being held in Regina for only the third time in its history (and last time at historic Taylor Field), [...]

Two Reasons I’m Thankful Today (And Every Day)

I get to regularly witness scenes like this (I especially love how he leans in to hug her after making her giggle!)

Friday Fun Link – A Very Special Tattoo

As I mentioned yesterday in my random thoughts about the McCartney concert post, one of the things I learned in advance of the show is that McCartney often picks out someone holding a sign in the front rows and brings them on stage to meet them or accept the gift they’ve brought or whatever. Regina [...]