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Last Day of Kindergarten

What’s that word for when you’re feeling an equal mix of happiness and sadness?  That’s what I feel when I look at this photo of Pace waiting for the bus on his last day of kindergarten…   (Okay, mostly happy but a twinge of sad!)

Music Monday – “I can see him right now knees all skinned up/With a magnifying glass trying to melt a Tonka truck/Won’t he be a sight with his football helmet on/That’ll be his first love/Til his first love comes along”

I would’ve sworn I posted this video around Pace’s first day of kindergarten but apparently, I only put it on Facebook. So, instead of a rare re-post of a Music Monday song which I thought it would be, this video gets to be posted for the first time here to celebrate Pace’s kindergarten graduation today. [...]

Discussing Pace’s First Day of Kindergarten

Hard to believe that tomorrow is Pace’s kindergarten graduation. The past year has flown by in so many ways – when the year started, Pace was an only child; now he’s a big brother. When the year started, he was still working on learning his alphabet, now he’s regularly writing out complete sentences (phonetically – [...]

Saturday Snap – Definitely Ready For Grade One!

Hard to believe Pace is done Kindergarten next week – this year has really flown! He wrote this out without prompting the other day. Obviously, he’s got that alphabet-thing down – bring on spelling!

Music Monday – “For years they’ve been married/Not one day of trouble/Got two happy boys/Good luck/Daily double/Love to dance with each other/Say they live in a bubble”

I’ve written about Sam Baker before – a Texas singer-songwriter whose ultra-streamlined literary style and unique vocals have drawn comparisons to Leonard Cohen: Baker captivated me. His songs are closely observed narratives of eccentric and marginalized people finding meaning in seemingly defeated lives–almost like Leonard Cohen’s, if Cohen had been a Baptist raised in West [...]

Sasha is One Month Old!

I’ve been taking at least a photo of Sasha every day since she was born. I’d seen various videos made from daily pics of babies, kids and others over the years but didn’t put a lot of thought into doing this with Sasha until, oh, pretty much the day she was born. While hanging out [...]

Two Tales of Crime & Punishment: Guess Who Comes Out Looking Better – The Cops or the Librarians? (Okay, It’s the Feds Who Look Bad…As Usual)

The police often get the short end of the stick in terms of public perception but stories like this one show there are definitely good cops out there. In my line of work, it’s not often that you can arrest somebody on multiple occasions and end up being friends with them. On the flip side [...]

Dying Man’s Wish – Leave $500 Tip on a Pizza Order

I’m not sure if this fits as a May Day story or not but I like the sentiment – people who do tough jobs for very little reward sometimes deserve to be surprised with some over-the-top generosity (although there’s also a flip side argument that if we paid decent wages to our servers, tipping wouldn’t [...]

The NHL’s Back But Hockey Never Left

I know it’s a Tim Hortons commercial designed to tug the heart strings but it does a good job of summarizing why hockey is so important in the Canadian psyche… And just to reinforce the impression that my blog suddenly has Tim Horton’s sponsorship, a Timbits highlights reel… Finally, an old blog post about my [...]

2012 “End-of-Year Questions” Meme

1. What did you do this year that you’d never done before? Saw a photo of the brain of someone I know! Shea’s nephew has had a variety of health issues for the past five years including numerous seizures. This year, he was taken to Vancouver for some operations to address these, as yet, undiagnosed [...]