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Music Monday – “I felt like a king on the 25th day/Most precious of gifts returned my gaze/Not seventeen years, in fact less a day/Who dreamed of red flowers surrounding a grave?/Another trip ’round the sun rewinds misery/The whiskey, the tree and me”

I love that the local independent radio station wakes me up every morning and I doubly love when a song penetrates my brain as I switch from sleeping to being awake. Today, this was the song I heard as I dozed between sleep and wake… “The Whiskey, The Tree and Me” – JJ Voss

Friday Fun Link – The Tragically Hip: A Chronology

Tomorrow’s the big night for the last Tragically Hip concert during their final cross-Canada tour so here’s a few full-length concerts from throughout their career to whet your appetite: One from their earliest days, recorded live for MuchMusic… A concert from perhaps the height of their fame during one of their Another Roadside Attraction concerts… One from the […]

Some Thoughts On Maintaining Perspective

So I’m having a bit of a rough June… I won’t get into the gory details (or post the photos!) but it involves a minor medical procedure, a longer-than-expected recovery, an unexpected infection which may or may not be a result of that first procedure and which swelled one of my arms up to double the size of […]

Music Monday – “Balloons all filled with rain/As children’s eyes turn sleepy mean/And Falstaff sings a sorrowful refrain/For a boy in Fiddler’s Green”

Following up on yesterday’s post about death and dying in Tragically Hip songs, here is perhaps the saddest song in the Tragically Hip’s catalogue… “Fiddler’s Green” – The Tragically Hip

Gord Downie Taught Me To Dance: Memories of A Band That Defined Me and My Country

So I woke up today to the very sad news that Gord Downie, lead singer of the Tragically Hip, has terminal brain cancer. Obviously, as you age, it’s natural that your own heroes and icons will age ahead of you. But 2016 has been a rough year where we lost some top-shelf music icons – […]

Music Monday – “I made something of myself and now you wanna come back/But your love—it isn’t free, it has to be earned/Back then I didn’t have anything you needed so I was worthless”

“American Idol” which has had a massive impact on pop culture ended its 15 season run last week. So I thought I would post a recent clip from the season one winner, Kelly Clarkson, who gives an amazing performance of a very personal song she wrote that contrasts her absentee father against the father of her current […]

Music Monday – “When your day is long/And the night, the night is yours alone/When you’re sure you’ve had enough/Of this life, well hang on”

Today is “Blue Monday”, allegedly the saddest day of the year due to a mix of distance from Christmas, weather and credit cards coming due (although it’s actually just a random day picked to help sell winter vacations.) I thought about posting “Blue Monday” by New Order but that song actually makes me quite happy. So this is […]

RIP Koko

It’s been a month since we lost our cat, Koko, very suddenly. Although she seemed to have lost a bit of weight in the days preceding her death, we chocked this up to her being outside so much in the nice weather.  She had otherwise been fine with no obvious symptoms of illness.  But then, […]

Music Monday – “Adieu Clo-Clo/Goodbye to you my brother/Adieu Clo-Clo/Goodbye to you my brother until the end.”

This song is one of the many things that have been running through my head all day… “Adieu Clo Clo” – Boo Radleys

/r/Human – A subreddit to celebrate respectful disagreements on Reddit, and the graceful admittance of fault.

Amazing that a spot like this exists on the Internet which is not known for people respectfully disagreeing and/or ever admitting they’re wrong! 😉