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Friday Fun Link – Nah.


A Better Story: Analyzing Why @ryanmeili Has The Momentum In The #skndpldr Race #skpoli

Ryan Meili has just released the above video which captures a powerful message about his campaign and what he wants to bring (back) to the province – the NDP’s ability to tell stories that resonate with people.   There are a lot of ways to indicate who has momentum in a leadership race – some more […]

More Kittens!!!

I typed up another longish post after the Sask NDP debate in Regina tonight but, unlike past leadership races, I’m going to let this one percolate for a while before hitting the “Post” button. Nothing too controversial but just a unique thought I had at the debate that I want to massage a bit more […]

Music Monday – “But I’ll miss you when you’re gone/That is what I do, hey, baby/And it’s going to carry on/That is what I do, hey, baby”

Prince and David Bowie and Gord Downie’s deaths all made an impact on me but Dolores O’Riordan is the first musician I remember dying who was almost exactly my age (she was 46, I’m 44 going on 45.) The Cranberries were a fixture during the late 80’s/early 90’s for myself and a lot of people with […]

I’ve started two different posts tonight…

…one about the Sask NDP leadership race and one about a current censorship issue. But after starting to write each post, I soon realised they needed be longer than I had time or energy to write tonight. So instead, here’s a picture of two kittens reading a book:

2017 End of Year Memes: Blog Blows Up, Libraries Live, Seasonal Summer, Tropical Travels

1. What did you do this year that you’d never done before? Testified at a Labour Relations Board hearing.  It’s a long story but for the past few years, the library I work at has been moving towards getting in-scope Branch Heads turned into out-of-scope Branch Managers.  Again, long story with many twists and turns […]

First Lines From My First Blog Post In Every Month of 2017

This is one of my favourite posts of the year.  I love how it randomly ends up capturing so many highlights of the year, personal and otherwise… January – “Thirty Canadian artists playing covers of thirty Tragically Hip songs to celebrate thirty years of the Hip as part of a 4-hour radio special on the first […]

Saturday Snap – Rudolph’s Butthole Shooter Recipe

Shea and I went to a Christmas party, hosted and attended by a few of the couples we met through our seasonal campsite at Echo Lake this year. All of us (well, except one camper who was pregnant this summer but made up for it at the Christmas party!) had occasionally drank shooters while listening […]

Music Monday – “I am a poor boy too/I have no gift to bring/That’s fit to give a King/Shall I play for you/On my drum?”

Continuing our December Music Monday theme of re-imagining well-known Christmas songs, let’s go to the ultimate fitting cover – Ringo Starr doing “Little Drummer Boy” (Hmm, I also unintentionally ended up featuring Christmas songs/covers by two of the four Beatles.  Perhaps that should’ve been the theme as well?) “The Little Drummer Boy” – Ringo Starr

Friday Fun Link – The Eric Andre Show Compilation

I stumbled across this performer while surfing around YouTube…which is always a dangerous thing to do. 😉 Eric Andre is a nihilistic anti-comedian who has a surreal, absurdist talk show on the late-night “Adult Swim” block of the Cartoon Network in the United States. The show parodies everything about talk shows from the set to the […]