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Happy Father’s Day! (Or is it Happy Twins Day?)

Some people use DNA tests to confirm their ancestry but the only thing I need to do to confirm my father and I are definitely related is to show up to a family event wearing the same clothes as my dad!  Isn’t fashion sense genetically inherited??? 😉 All joking aside, Happy Father’s Day to the […]

Friday Fun Link – YouTube Randomizer

This site,, is fascinating – it looks through YouTube for random files that have been uploaded without the default filename given by the camera or smartphone (DNSC209, MVI753, IMG9903, etc.) being changed to something more descriptive and searchable. For that reason, most are fairly low view count videos, often quite short, and provide all […]

Music Monday – “Don’t fill out any forms/Don’t compensate/Don’t cower/Don’t crawl/Don’t come around late/Don’t hover at the gate”

“Numb” – U2

Why Is Easter A Moving Target?

There’s an explanation why the date of Easter moves around but yeah, if it’s supposed to commemorate the day Jesus was resurrected, you’d think that would be not a lot of room for debate. Anyhow, I’ll put myself in the camp of people who prefer it in late April instead of March. Hoppy Easter!

The Eleven Month Countdown to Next Year’s Trip?

Just like I did after we got home last year, I immediately began thinking about and researching where we might like to go on a tropical vacation next winter. Here’s my shortlist of destinations (but not hotels – though I’ve started that list too!) so far: 1. Isla Mujeres  – both times we’ve gone there on […]

Friday Fun Link – Watching Something On The Internet That I Loved A Long Time Before The Internet


$100 Tequila Drink in Tequila, Mexico

It costs $100 but not because it’s expensive tequila in a small snifter!  

Secular Sunday – A dying man’s thoughts on stardust, a fortunate life, making the world a better place, and the randomness of it all.

Someone posted a link to this essay on FB and I wanted to repost the whole thing here as I thought it was very well-written and thought-provoking… Clarifying my final weeks Journal entry by Erik Olin Wright — Jan 18, 2019 Yesterday, I had a bone marrow biopsy to see if there were any prospects at all of […]

Friday Fun Link – Dubai Fireworks (Full)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my highest mark for a presentation in library school was one I did that was actually in a journalism class. My presentation was about online video and how it allows you to transcend both space and time in a way that other previous media (television, radio, etc.) couldn’t. This video from […]

2018 End of Year Memes: One Big Beard, Two Week All Inclusive, Third Times the Charm for Meili, Four Plus Weeks Off With Broken Wrist

1. What did you do this year that you’d never done before? Thanks to my parents picking up the tab for the first week, we were able to extend our winter holiday to two weeks at an all-inclusive – something we’d never done before during the handful of week long all-inclusive vacations we’ve taken over […]