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Obligatory iPhone X Post

I feel an obligation to post this…

Friday Fun Link – Camping Hifi

Bluetooth speaker in a bucket…

10 Things Elwin Hermanson Could Learn At A Library #skpoli #SaveSKLibraries

Former Reform MP and first leader of the Sask Party, Elwin Hermanson, came out of the woodwork (there’s a Hermanson/hermit pun in there somewhere) recently to weigh in on the backlash to the Sask Party’s cuts to public libraries… It’s hard to know where to start with such a clueless and misinformed post.  But I’ll try… […]

Radio Garden: Listen To The World

This should probably be a Friday Fun Link but it’s so cool, I wanted to share it right away. More than a streaming service, Radio Garden allows you to easily move from radio station to radio station around the world in a very intuitive, easy-to-use fashion (although Chrome has WebGL disabled by default so you’ll either […]


So you have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the new augmented reality map-based game, Pokemon Go!.  I first heard about it when it was all over Reddit, soon after its release in early July. I have to be honest – my first reaction was to ignore it as I thought of […]

Thoughts on my new iPhone

I consider myself pretty tech savvy so people were often surprised to hear/see that I was still using an iPhone 4S that I got in Fall 2011 as my smartphone. There’s a few reasons for this but the main one is that the phone still worked well enough for the most part and I’m not […]

Apple 2015 WWDC

Lots of big announcements from Apple today… Highlights:

Friday Fun Link – Find Out Which Technologies A Web Site Is Using is a cool site that will allow you to find out what technologies any web site is using.  I thought it would just say “WordPress” for my site but turns out it identifies everything from the server software to the hosting company to various plug-ins. Here are the full results for  

Happy Singles Day!

Originally started by Chinese university students as an anti-Valentines Day where single people were encouraged to buy themselves gifts, “Singles Day” on November 11 (11/11) has exploded in popularity over the past five years to become China’s equivalent of Black Friday with their Amazon/eBay clone, Alibaba, leading the charge. I heard about it last year […]

Music Monday – “I watch the ripples change their size/But never leave the stream/Of warm impermanence ” @rdio #rdio

“Changes” – David Bowie Rdio, a streaming music service similar to Spotify and Pandora but which is available in Canada (at least without requiring you to use a VPN or other sorcery to appear to be an American), recently released a major upgrade to their user interface. This was the second major change since I’d […]