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Friday Fun Link – Extreme Close Ups of Things

This week has had slow motion.  Now let’s see extreme close-ups!

Some Days You Have Nothing To Blog About…

…and that’s okay! 😉

Ten Things That Make Me Happy These Days

I’ve recently rediscovered hummus.  God, that stuff is addictive! The local hard rock radio station playing German quasi-death metal on my drive back to work after lunch recently = Jason has a very productive afternoon! 😉 I’ve mentioned this before but getting to come home for lunch every day is beyond awesome. That’s partly because, […]

What Are One or Two Sentences Someone Has Told You That Have Changed Your Life For The Better?

Some good answers in this Quora question… There’s no better feeling than accomplishing a task today so you don’t have to do it tomorrow… “If it hurts, do it more.“ There are a whole raft of things that get easier the more often you do them. Like dishes: waiting until you’ve used all the plates and […]

First Lines from Each Month of My 2012 Blog Posts

  January – “I’ve made no secret of my love of lists and how this is the best time of the year for lists.” February – “I’ve mentioned Quora a couple times before.” March – “My prediction?  This new movie from comedian Bobcat Goldthwait won’t cause any controversy at all.” April – “I’ve done some […]

2012 Tesla Model S Electric Car Wins MotorTrend “Car of the Year” Award by Unanimous Vote

The Tesla company which produces electric cars and which Mitt Romney infamously labelled a “loser” after Barack Obama’s government invested in it, recently won MotorTrend’s “Car of the Year” award by unanimous vote which was also the first win by an electric car in the 64-year history of the award.  (Now who’s laughing, Mitt?) Now I […]

Now You Know – Feeling Buzzed

Now I Know (site currently down making this a bad day to post this but whatever) is an enjoyable little e-newsletter that comes out every couple of days with all kinds of interesting facts about all kinds of things.  Here’s the most recent one… You’re sitting at your desk, standing in the kitchen, watching TV, […]

Saturday Snap – A Cool (Er, Hot?) Trick

Before you barbeque or cook a hot dog over a campfire, put a skewer through the middle of the dog then score it in a spiral fashion so that you get more of that crunchy goodness throughout the meat!

Is This The Cutest Thing Ever Seen on the Internet?

There are zillions of pictures of cute animals on the Internet.  But this series of shots is a contender for “best ever“. (via MetaFilter)

Dream of Consciousness

Tomorrow's a day off for the working world but for me, it's the first day of a full week off before I begin my new job.  I'm pretty excited to have the week even though I know we'll never get done everything that we want to do.  I mean, our list ranges from easy picks […]