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Saturday Snap – “Doritos Roulette” Challenge

One fun thing about being on holidays is that Pace and I spontaneously decided to go grab some late night snacks tonight after both Sasha and mom were in bed. He likes regular Doritos but decided to try a flavour that’s mostly regular Doritos but also has some super-hot ones mixed in (even though he’s […]

Music Monday – “Another turning point/A fork stuck in the road”

A guy pranks his roommate by sneaking up on him everytime he tries to practice guitar and singing a Green Day lyric, no matter what song his roomie is playing (the thumbnail below gives you a clue of how far the prank goes.) Pretty funny stuff. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” – Green Day […]

Friday Fun Link – Angry Hockey Player Crosschecks Himself

Pissident Elect @realdonaldtrump

Lots of great humour about the reports that Donald Trump paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on him. The absolute funniest part to me is that a guy who makes up shit, lies freely, changes his story regularly and was helped greatly by “fake news” is now being undermined by an unsubstantiated rumour. Someone joked that […]

The Difference Between Obama and Trump In Two Top Twitter Trends

Obama gives a heartfelt, inspiring, intelligent farewell address. Trump has it leaked that he may have paid Russian hookers to urinate on him.  :-0 (The claim about Trump is unsubstantiated but it comes from a reliable source in the UK intelligence community, the US intelligence community apparently brought these allegations to the President which they don’t […]

Kansas Representative’s Son Dabs at Swearing In Ceremony

Saw this on /r/facepalm but personally I think this is pretty funny (of course, I’ve got a nine year old son so I know what dabbing is and I see it every time he accomplishes pretty much anything – “Did something cool in a video game” <dab>, “Flip a quarter-full water bottle so it lands on […]

Silent Night by Chewbacca

You’re welcome.

Top 15 Mannequin Challenges

This is the latest trend for all the kids. That’s cool and all but as a big Beatles fan, I’m especially excited that the song in the background is apparently called “Black Beatles“! 😉

First Snow of the Year – Hawksley Workman

We had one brief hit a few weeks ago that went away but otherwise, November 29 is a pretty good day for posting this traditional blog post to commemorate the first snow of the year (the first that looks like it’s going to stick around anyhow)…  

Friday Fun Link – Car Pool Karaoke with Saskatoon’s New Mayor

Saskatoon’s just defeated mayor missed the Gay Pride parade during his thirteen years in the Mayor’s Chair (no matter his personal feelings, he obviously missed the memo about representing all citizens of his city.) Anyhow, I get the impression Saskatoon’s new mayor won’t miss the parade…