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The blog is dead. Long live the blog!

It's been a good run but after four and a half years of nearly daily posts chronicling everything from my time at library school to the birth of my son to dozens of single link posts to all manner of technology stories and silly YouTube videos,  the time has come to finally move this blog […]

Saturday Snap – An Old Fashioned Country Fair

A couple weeks ago on my birthday weekend, we went camping at Nickle Lake which is a regional park just outside of Weyburn where Shea's parents have a seasonal camping site.  My parents came down with their camper as well (surprising Shea's folks which is an ongoing back and forth contest between them.)  On the […]

Friday Fun Link – 15 Most Addictive Web Sites Ever

Yep, they are. 

Minority Opinion

A couple recent posts talking about extended breastfeeding got me thinking about the many minority opinions and beliefs I hold.  Here's what I came up with…1. Extended Breastfeeding – Not even 20% of Canadian babies make it to nine months let alone past a year (or two!)2. Atheism – anywhere between 16-30% of the population […]

"Our Bodies" & Kids As Couch Potatoes

The controversial traveling show “Our Bodies” is at Regina's Science Centre right now and they're offering a lecture series each week to go with the topic.  This week's subject was “Kids As Couch Potatoes” and that seemed fairly relevant to our lives these days so we decided to go check it out.Some random thoughts on […]

"Build loyalty & increased engagement through ongoing conversation and brand experience."

Courtesy: WhatTheFuckIsMySocialMediaStrategy  (via Reddit)

Music Monday – "From the corner of my eye/A hint of blue in the black sky/A ray of hope, a beam of light/An end to thirty years of night"

[Oops, forgot I pre-loaded this Music Monday post after coming across the song in a MetaFilter thread last week.  So, combined with the post below, you get a 2-for-1 on the Music Monday posts this week!] Inspired by a wonderfully thorough MetaFilter post, I'll highlight a song some fans call the most beautiful song in […]

Music Monday – "When your infant starts to nurse/Oxytocin's released from the brain with a burst" (Happy World Breastfeeding Week!)

It's World Breastfeeding Week so here's a song, written by a nursing student, about the subject.  I don't usually do a long narrative for my Music Monday posts but I'm got to say that I'm so amazingly proud of Shea for the dedication she put into breastfeeding Pace for over two and a half years […]

Au revoir, la france

Edmonton writer and columnist, Todd Babiak, has just posted the last in a year-long series of columns about his family's sabbatical in France.  Having gone with his wife and two young girls, some of his thoughts on the experiences we (try to) give our children were particularly resonate for me (though I have no one […]

Saturday Snap – We Haven't Done Recycling In Awhile…

I'm not sure how often we take can & bottle recycling but it's usually once we get about 4-5 bags.  This time, we had more like a dozen!  (We also love when the local soccer/hockey team comes by on bottle drives as they often feel like they've hit the jackpot when they hit our house […]