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Shitty News Countdown

10. Buying a drink at a local drug store recently, I got asked if I qualified for the “55+ Senior Discount”?  (Apparently I should’ve bought a kit to dye this 43 year old’s grey beard!) 9. The Sask Party has announced a massive one billion dollar deficit which echoes the fiscal mismanagement of Brad Wall’s […]

What. The. Fuck. Was THAT? (President Trump edition)

Holy fucking shit! After saying yesterday that the polls were predicting a Hillary Clinton victory with 75-99% certainty, her campaign flamed out like perhaps no other campaign in history. Yesterday, I went from joking about whether she could flip traditionally Republican states like Alaska and Utah to having two hours of sleep and actually *puking* […]

Music Monday – “You held me down but I got up/Already brushing off the dust/You hear my voice, your hear that sound/Like thunder, gonna shake your ground”

I’m still not a huge Hillary fan for all manner of reasons but she has grown on me as the election has progressed. So, with pollsters predicting her becoming the 45th President of the United States tomorrow is somewhere between 75 – 99% inevitable, I thought I’d balance my earlier list of “10 Reasons Hillary Should […]

2016 US Election Party Menu Suggestions

The debate is tomorrow night and the actual election is only three weeks away – get planning your Election Party Menu now! Risotto – using recipe of Clinton campaign chair person, John Podestra, as found in an e-mail leaked by Wikileaks Tacos – preferably directly from a taco truck since the “Latinos for Trump” group chair claimed that […]

Saturday Snap – Terrible Twos Have Definitely Become The Trying Threes

Sasha’s making the most of being three these days.  In the last few weeks, she’s… Poured KD noodles and cheese powder on the floor of her bedroom (I think she also poured some powder in her sock drawer for good measure) Cannot go into the bathroom without playing with everything in her mom’s make-up drawer.  (When […]

Music Monday – “And the girls would spend a couple of bucks/Just to meet the boys working at the pumps/And they’d grow up and fall in love/And they’d all move away.”

Here’s one of the songs I taped at the Fred Eaglesmith show on Saturday night (which just happens to be one of my favourite Fred Eaglesmith songs of all-time.) “White Rose” – Fred Eaglesmith Actually, speaking of my favourite Fred songs, why not turn this post into a list? Jason’s Top 10 Fred Eaglesmith Songs 1. […]

(Belated) Saturday Snap – Random Thoughts on the New #riders #MosaicStadium #yqr

(My “Saturday Snap” name has never seemed more appropriate as I post some thoughts and photos of our visit to the new Mosaic Stadium.  I meant to have these up Saturday night but supper with friends after the game then an awesome Fred Eaglesmith concert meant I didn’t finish this post until Sunday.) — Shea […]

Friday Fun Link – Six Disproportionately Common Names By Profession

Most Common Librarian Names include Johanna, Abigail, Margot, Nanette, Julia, Eleanor. (The data set apparently only looks for common names that aren’t found in other fields.  So a popular name like “John” or “Jennifer” which is fairly common across all areas won’t show up unless it is an outlier – eg. *extremely* popular in a […]

Ten Things I Wouldn’t Be Surprised To Hear @realdonaldtrump Say at Tonight’s #debates #debatetonight

“I’m going to reveal the truth of the biggest conspiracy in political history right now.  Hillary Clinton asked me to run because she thought I could help her undermine the Republican Party.  But she didn’t know I was a winner and now I’m going to win!” “America needs to elect someone who has balls.” “Blah, […]

Generational Differences Chart

I’m always interested in the concept of generational differences which has come up a couple times recently – after Shea attended a workshop on reaching out to young people in the workplace and then during a conversation in my workplace where a few of us “oldies” had fun explaining what life was like in the time of cassette […]