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Friday Fun Link – Virtual Reality

At RPL’s annual Staff Development Day today (okay, yesterday since I’m posting this on Saturday), they were demoing a new Virtual Reality accessory the library recently purchased. This was the Playstation 4 version, not the more well-known Oculus Rift headset that, in many ways, began the popularization of virtual reality devices for home users. It felt pretty […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Defining HR Successes? (Oct 2011)

At the annual RPL Staff Development Day in 2011, I had to do an activity with my co-workers where we listed some of the successes of the HR Unit where I was working at the time. Of course, I’d found out a couple weeks earlier that my position as Organization Development Specialist was being eliminated […]

Friday Fun Link – Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

After the announcement, some were in favour, some were against and some were  surprised. As an English major, a music fan, a librarian and someone who’s worked in and still involved with book publishing, I have absolutely no issue with this choice – mostly because it means I got to see a Nobel Laureate in concert! 😉 […]

Donald Trump Definitely Wants To Be President, Right?

It’s crazy how successful Donald (great of Hillary to call him this during the debate – both to reinforce he has no formal title and also not to reinforce his “Trump” brand) been up until now considering he’s running almost exactly the campaign you’d run if you wanted to flame out in the most spectacular […]

Friday Fun Link – Six Disproportionately Common Names By Profession

Most Common Librarian Names include Johanna, Abigail, Margot, Nanette, Julia, Eleanor. (The data set apparently only looks for common names that aren’t found in other fields.  So a popular name like “John” or “Jennifer” which is fairly common across all areas won’t show up unless it is an outlier – eg. *extremely* popular in a […]

Generational Differences Chart

I’m always interested in the concept of generational differences which has come up a couple times recently – after Shea attended a workshop on reaching out to young people in the workplace and then during a conversation in my workplace where a few of us “oldies” had fun explaining what life was like in the time of cassette […]

Music Monday – “But if I work all day in the blue sky mine/There’ll be food on the table tonight.”

Happy Labour Day! “Blue Sky Mine” – Midnight Oil

Saturday Snap – Katepwa Pier Crew

Always a bittersweet day when we do the many end-of-season chores at our family cottage at Katepwa Lake.  We were out yesterday to bring in the piers, boat track and sea doo stand, clear out the water lines, cut the grass, load the boat, etc. etc. It was great to have one of my funniest, favouritist cousins […]

Friday Fun Link – Better Motherfucking Website

Back in the day, I was quite obsessed with web design and user-interfaces and even made some extra spending money for a while as a web designer (this is back around 1997 when, if you could get a picture to show up on a web page, people thought you were amazing!) 😉 My knowledge and […]

A McReview of the New McDonalds “Create Your Taste” Burger Option #yqr

So, to celebrate the first day of school, we decided to take Pace to McDonalds for supper. I’d forgotten that Regina’s Rochdale McDonalds location (and perhaps others in the city?) have installed the new “Build Your Taste” machines which are like giant iPad-like, self-serve touchscreen machines. I’m sure we could’ve figured it out but a […]