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MetaFilter on the First Presidential Debate

MetaFilter’s been having ongoing mega-threads every few days for MeFites to discuss the election.  They started the latest one for Monday night’s debate.

North Korea Accidentally Makes Some of Its Restricted Web Sites Available Worldwide

In most professions, you try to learn all you can about a single area.  One of the coolest things about librarians/librarianship is that it’s a profession where you benefit from knowing a little bit about a lot of things. This story combines a few of my many varied interests – the Internet, North Korea, propaganda, international politics, […]

Copyright-Free, Royalty Free Images? Pixabay

Pixabay is a great site if you’re looking for copyright free, royalty-free images to use in your projects. Started by two Germans who got frustrated trying to find good images for free online, it’s quickly become one of the top image sites online. Literally, based on buying contributors a “cup of coffee” (eg. donations), many […]

Netflix’s “Narcos” Renewed For Two More Seasons

Shea and I were just talking last night about how sad we’ll be when we finish this season of “Narcos” (we have two episodes left) finishes since (spoiler alert) we’re pretty sure we know how this based-on-a-true-story saga ends. But happy news today – NetFlix has announced they’ve renewed “Narcos” for two more seasons and […]

Friday Fun Link – Better Motherfucking Website

Back in the day, I was quite obsessed with web design and user-interfaces and even made some extra spending money for a while as a web designer (this is back around 1997 when, if you could get a picture to show up on a web page, people thought you were amazing!) 😉 My knowledge and […]

Is @BradWall Trying to Implement A New Tax on #Saskatchewan Residents? #skpoli #sasktel #tasksell

Coffee row has been lit up over the last couple days after Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall mused about the sale of vital crown corporation, SaskTel to make a one-time payment that would (temporarily?) eliminate our provincial operating debt. There are numerous reasons this is a seriously bad idea: As the graphic above shows, SaskTel helps to keep prices incredibly low […]

Torrent of Last Night’s #tragicallyhip CBC Concert

I sent a half-joking tweet last night that after the Tragically Hip concert, the one thing left for CBC to do was to create a web site to permanently archive the show so fans could re-watch it anytime they wanted. This torrent is the next best thing.

The First Cyber Security Election?

Most recent US Presidential elections get tagged as the first “something” – the first TV election, the first Internet election, etc. I think it’s pretty clear that 2016 is the first Cyber-Security election… Early in the campaign, Bernie Sanders’ staff accessed a Democratic National Committee database containing info about the Clinton campaign via a security hole in […]

Friday Fun Link – The World Wide Web is 25 Years Old, Here Are The 25 Funniest Things To Ever Happen Online

I can’t decide if I should feel special or like a giant nerd that I remember seeing most of these when they went viral.


So you have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the new augmented reality map-based game, Pokemon Go!.  I first heard about it when it was all over Reddit, soon after its release in early July. I have to be honest – my first reaction was to ignore it as I thought of […]