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Radio Garden: Listen To The World

This should probably be a Friday Fun Link but it’s so cool, I wanted to share it right away. More than a streaming service, Radio Garden allows you to easily move from radio station to radio station around the world in a very intuitive, easy-to-use fashion (although Chrome has WebGL disabled by default so you’ll either […]

The Math Behind The Game Spot It!

Sasha and I were playing Spot It! today and it got me thinking how the game manages to have such a vast number of cards and yet there’s always one (and only one) match in the 16 (well, technically 15) symbols shown on any two random cards. (I totally love how the Internet can answer […]

Friday Fun Link – Virtual Reality

At RPL’s annual Staff Development Day today (okay, yesterday since I’m posting this on Saturday), they were demoing a new Virtual Reality accessory the library recently purchased. This was the Playstation 4 version, not the more well-known Oculus Rift headset that, in many ways, began the popularization of virtual reality devices for home users. It felt pretty […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Dad, What’s a Video Store? (November 2009)

I never realised how the Netflix interface of rows of similar-themed movies mimics the layout of an old-fashioned video store. (Also note, this was around Grey Cup time and Pace was sporting a Riders jacket *and* green hair!)

Debate Sensation, Ken Bone, on Jimmy Kimmel

It’s so funny how things go viral in our Internet age – sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not.   Sometimes it’s mean, sometimes it’s fun.  And sometimes it starts mean but has redemption. But in this case, it’s great that Ken Bone, who became an Internet sensation after asking a question at Sunday night’s Presidential debate, and […]

MetaFilter on the First Presidential Debate

MetaFilter’s been having ongoing mega-threads every few days for MeFites to discuss the election.  They started the latest one for Monday night’s debate.

North Korea Accidentally Makes Some of Its Restricted Web Sites Available Worldwide

In most professions, you try to learn all you can about a single area.  One of the coolest things about librarians/librarianship is that it’s a profession where you benefit from knowing a little bit about a lot of things. This story combines a few of my many varied interests – the Internet, North Korea, propaganda, international politics, […]

Copyright-Free, Royalty Free Images? Pixabay

Pixabay is a great site if you’re looking for copyright free, royalty-free images to use in your projects. Started by two Germans who got frustrated trying to find good images for free online, it’s quickly become one of the top image sites online. Literally, based on buying contributors a “cup of coffee” (eg. donations), many […]

Netflix’s “Narcos” Renewed For Two More Seasons

Shea and I were just talking last night about how sad we’ll be when we finish this season of “Narcos” (we have two episodes left) finishes since (spoiler alert) we’re pretty sure we know how this based-on-a-true-story saga ends. But happy news today – NetFlix has announced they’ve renewed “Narcos” for two more seasons and […]

Friday Fun Link – Better Motherfucking Website

Back in the day, I was quite obsessed with web design and user-interfaces and even made some extra spending money for a while as a web designer (this is back around 1997 when, if you could get a picture to show up on a web page, people thought you were amazing!) 😉 My knowledge and […]