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Thoughts (and Tips) for Living in A Post-Factual Society #skpoli

Largely because of the Donald Trump campaign but in various other ways as well, more and more people are talking about how we’ve come to be living in a “post-factual” society where many people no longer even attempt to use logic, reason and critical thinking to form (and change!) their opinions. It can seem as […]

Mapping Police Killings in the United States

It’s beyond unfortunate that web pages like this and this and this have to exist. But given recent high profile events, it’s also fortunate that they do.  

Dollars Spent Per Hour of Entertainment

Too bad this site didn’t have a line for “library book/movie/CD”. 😉 (via)

Hillary Clinton’s Being Presumptive Nominee Is Historic Only In The Context of a Two-Party System Where Both Democrats and Republicans Work Against Other Parties Gaining A Foothold

Don’t be fooled – the only true divide in America isn’t men vs. women, black vs. white, Muslim vs. Christian or any other binary. The only one that matters is rich vs. poor and Hillary is very clearly on the side of the rich while Bernie Sanders is on the side of the poor. It’s […]

Friday Fun Link – 25 Fascinating Charts of Negotiation Styles Around The World

Very interesting.

Some Nerd Tracked His Drinking For A Full Year

And no, it wasn’t me! But it’s got me thinking about what a full project this could be!   (This guy was more focused on consumption but I think it’d be more interesting/useful to track what you drink as as well as how much!) (via r/dataisbeautiful)

Friday Fun Link – Books Everyone Should Read

Word cloud created from the “most read books” lists from a variety of libraries, booksellers, book web sites and other sources… (via Reddit)

Sanders vs. Clinton: Favorabiilty = Electable #demdebate

One of the most revealing graphics I’ve seen during the current Democratic contest…

Friday Fun Link – The Cost of Living Everywhere in the World in a Single Awesome Graphic

Not sure if this is a “Fun” link but it captures something I’ve been thinking about a lot since our most recent trip to Cuba.

An Illustration of European Asylum Seekers

Although it looks somewhat like an outtake from the new Star Wars movie, there’s a very serious reality behind’s site that illustrates the flow of asylum seekers from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East over the past three years.  (via Reddit)