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Friday Fun Link – Infographic of Time Travel in Avengers: Endgame [Spoilers]

This is helpful if you found the back and forth in Endgame confusing.

Friday Fun Link – A People Map of the Most Wikipedia Searched Person in Each Major City in the US

Who is the most searched resident of each city in the US on Wikipedia?

Friday Fun Link – All Logos for 2018 US Midterm Candidates

This site is pretty cool, doubly so as it allows you to winnow down logos by colour, typography and other characteristics.

Friday Fun Link – Dollar Street and GapMinder’s Four Income Levels

Dollar Street, from the GapMinder Foundation, uses a well-designed interface to help counter misconceptions about different income levels in the world. Their main point is that people don’t uniformly live in “poor” or “rich” countries¬†like most of us tend to think but that people actually share similar lifestyles, items that they own, and things they […]

Retro Friday Fun Link – The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain

This article should be mandatory reading before someone is allowed to use the Internet!

Myth America

(h/t to JB on FB)

Public Service Announcement: Free Speech

As a massive believer in free speech, I love this XKCD comic! You absolutely have the right to say whatever you want (short of the illegal types of speech – hate speech and obscenity or shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre.) But you also have to accept that whatever you say might be criticized, questioned […]

Friday Fun Link – Mapping NHL Standings Over An Entire Season

With the Flames in the midst of a multi-game winning streak that’s put them back in a playoff spot, I wanted to highlight this site which is pretty cool for showing how a team’s fortunes ebb and flow over the course of a season.

Friday Fun Link – Merriam-Webster “Time Traveller” Tells You What Words Were Coined The Year You Were Born

…or any year you enter for that matter.¬† (h/t to library school colleague, ML)

New Trump Poll Out Today