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10 Things Elwin Hermanson Could Learn At A Library #skpoli #SaveSKLibraries

Former Reform MP and first leader of the Sask Party, Elwin Hermanson, came out of the woodwork (there’s a Hermanson/hermit pun in there somewhere) recently to weigh in on the backlash to the Sask Party’s cuts to public libraries… It’s hard to know where to start with such a clueless and misinformed post.  But I’ll try… […]

Hillary Clinton’s Invisible Guiding Hand

At least in terms of prestigious office location at Hillary HQ, Hillary’s chief statistician is given equal weight to the Campaign Chairperson, the Campaign Manager and her most trusted assistant. There’s a good reason why – this might be the most data-driven campaign in history. Some Republicans aren’t just nervous about losing to Clinton in November. […]

A McReview of the New McDonalds “Create Your Taste” Burger Option #yqr

So, to celebrate the first day of school, we decided to take Pace to McDonalds for supper. I’d forgotten that Regina’s Rochdale McDonalds location (and perhaps others in the city?) have installed the new “Build Your Taste” machines which are like giant iPad-like, self-serve touchscreen machines. I’m sure we could’ve figured it out but a […]

The First Cyber Security Election?

Most recent US Presidential elections get tagged as the first “something” – the first TV election, the first Internet election, etc. I think it’s pretty clear that 2016 is the first Cyber-Security election… Early in the campaign, Bernie Sanders’ staff accessed a Democratic National Committee database containing info about the Clinton campaign via a security hole in […]

A Selfie A Day For 8.5 Years

Following yesterday’s post about a guy who created a montage of him singing a single song over five years, here’s a new record holder – one selfie every day for 8.5 years!  

An Anti-IPad Game For The iPad

I think I know a couple kids who need this! 😉

A Few Thoughts On @BernieSanders Use of Technology #feelthebern #primaryday #newyork

So today was a pretty big day in the United States as born and raised Brooklyn boy, Bernie Sanders went up against adopted hometown gal, Hillary Clinton in the New York primary in their ongoing battle to secure the Democratic Party nomination. As someone who’s very interested in the use of digital technology and social media in politics, I […]

Friday Fun Link – Campaign Trail Simulation

This site allows you to simulate the current US election, playing as either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  I’ve tried it as Donald Trump a couple times but have lost both times. It reminds me of a very similar game (can’t remember the name) that our Grade Six teacher created by manually typing out line-by-line […]

20+ Page Report on the Clinton E-mail Scandal

I haven’t finished the whole thing but this seems like a fairly even-handed, exhaustive look at this controversy from both Clinton and the Justice Department point-of-views.

Thoughts on my new iPhone

I consider myself pretty tech savvy so people were often surprised to hear/see that I was still using an iPhone 4S that I got in Fall 2011 as my smartphone. There’s a few reasons for this but the main one is that the phone still worked well enough for the most part and I’m not […]