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Friday Fun Link – The Geocities-izer

This web page allows you to make any site look like you designed it in 1998 using GeoCities… (via Reddit)

Two Months to Canadian Federal Election

The Federal Election was called nearly three weeks ago and I haven’t written about it nearly as much as I thought I would. I mean, if you’ve read this blog for more than a couple days, I think my politics are pretty clear.  Beyond that, there are tons of others who are covering every aspect […]

Friday Fun Link – Find Out Which Technologies A Web Site Is Using is a cool site that will allow you to find out what technologies any web site is using.  I thought it would just say “WordPress” for my site but turns out it identifies everything from the server software to the hosting company to various plug-ins. Here are the full results for  

Friday Fun Link – If 70s Moms Had Blogs…

…they’d probably look a lot like this.

Hmm, What Should I Write About?

I have folders, both in my e-mail program and in my browser, that have dozens of sites bookmarked as potential blog fodder. I have thousands of photos that I could easily turn this into a daily photo blog featuring nothing but photos of my kids every day (don’t get excited, grandparents – probably not going […]

Blog Holiday

Expect minimal blogging for the next week or so as we’re on a family holiday…

Friday Fun Link – FactoClock

[Have had a couple outages in the last couple days which were noticed by both sets of parents (and tells me I have at least somewhere between two to four readers!) 😉  Anyhow, I’ve been told it may be a conflict with a plug-in, possibly the search engine plug-in I use which has grown to […]

When I was in library school, one of the things that happened at the start of each semester was a mixer with current students and the new crop of future librarians. I remember one of these sessions on the patio of the Grad Club when I ended up sitting next to Barb Janicek. She struck […]

R.I.P. Peter Scott

When I try to quickly define my blog for people (at least as it currently exists), I often say it’s about libraries, technology and politics (along with cute pictures of my kids of course.) That’s why the passing of longtime University of Saskatchewan librarian, Peter Scott, is so sad.  He was at the intersection of […]

First Lines From My First Blog Post of Each Month in 2013

This is always one of my favourite posts of the year for the uniquely random spin it puts on a “year in review” type post. .  Click on the month below if one of the “first lines” grabs your attention… January – “As he did in 2009, Ryan Meili is once again spearheading an extremely […]