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What Happens If You “Like” Every Single Thing You See on Facebook For A Couple Days?

A Wired writer finds out (and the results aren’t pretty!)

Friday Fun Link – 21 Better Facebook Birthday Messages

I’m truly fascinated by the phenomena of Facebook birthday messages. Uh, happy birthday to me!

7 Ways To Be Insufferable on Facebook

I’m not too interested in policing how people use Facebook – I have my share of Facebook friends who vaguebook, overshare, “envy post” and so on and either enjoy or ignore their posts as required. Plus I probably do these things myself too on occasion but at the same time, when I post a cute […]

Friday Fun Link – 21 Really Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have

I won’t even try to analyse which of these categories describe me.

Facebook and My Social Clusters

Stephen Wolfram recently published an analysis of a huge dataset of how people are using Facebook that is extremely fascinating (so fascinating that I wanted to except some of the best parts but didn’t know where to start!) One of the findings was that the most common social structure people tend to have two or […]

How Facebook Changes Your Brain

An interesting article about the ways that Facebook affects our thinking… We learn to see the present as a “future past” and focus on how we will document, and self-document, even as the events are transpiring around us. And what happens? It distracts us. In the process of tweeting, posting a Facebook status, choosing the right […]

10 Things I’ve Seen on Facebook

I’m still continually amazed at Facebook as a communication tool and especially the varied ways that people use it, especially to share the most intimate details of their lives. (Is privacy dead?) Here are a few of the things I’ve personally witnessed that I found either unique and/or “Wow, I can’t believe they posted that!”… […]

Facebook Didn’t Kill Digg, Reddit Did

After being one of the hottest web properties and spurning a $200 MILLION dollar offer from Google, user-driven voting site Digg was sold last week for a measley $500,000.  Some commentators thought it was competition from user-driven sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter that put the nail in Digg’s coffin but ignored the rise of […]

Facebook & Google: Pictures & Vision

This is a great article which explains that the difference between Facebook and Google is the difference between pictures and vision – both in terms of what drives each company’s culture and how they may evolve in the future.

A Cool Facebook Status Update

A friend just posted this (and I know we’ve all been there after an all-nighter with Mr. Potter or Ms. Everdeen or whoever)… I nearly called in book for work today: “I’m really sorry but I’m feeling really book today and I don’t think I can come in. I really don’t feel my work will […]