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Friday Fun Link – A People Map of the Most Wikipedia Searched Person in Each Major City in the US

Who is the most searched resident of each city in the US on Wikipedia?

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Multi-Year Fence Project Finally Finished? (May 2014, May 2017, May 2018, May 2019)

We’ve been replacing our forty year old original fence in a series of mini-projects over the past five years. We started with the back part of our yard in May 2014 which was a major job as the neighbour directly behind us (no back alley) is at the end of a crescent on a pie-shaped […]

Minot Public Library Adds Another Incentive to Read – Cash!

Minot Public Library is partnering with Bank of North Dakota’s College SAVE program to provide one more incentive to participants in its summer reading program: money. College SAVE is the state’s 529 plan to help residents save for college. Every young reader who signs up for the Minot Public Library’s Summer Reading Program will have […]

“I should go ahead and mention right now that he is a lymphoma survivor.” Some Thoughts on Civility

One of the ongoing debates in the world right now – in online discussion, in politics and in our personal lives – is what the role of civility is and how it’s perhaps become less important than in the past. I think one change is that people used to be civil in a reciprocal manner […]

Music Monday – “I’m up after midnight, cooking/Trying to make my rent/I’m rough but I’m pleasin’/I was raised on robbery”

“Raised on Robbery” – Joni Mitchell

Raptors Make NBA Finals


Saturday Night – Regent Place Triplets Reunited

Usually, men are few and far between in library work.  But I had a brief period where not only was I the only man around, I actually had two other dudes working in my branch out of a staff complement of ten. As a bonus, we all had a similar look so we joked about […]

Friday Fun Link – YouTube Randomizer

This site,, is fascinating – it looks through YouTube for random files that have been uploaded without the default filename given by the camera or smartphone (DNSC209, MVI753, IMG9903, etc.) being changed to something more descriptive and searchable. For that reason, most are fairly low view count videos, often quite short, and provide all […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Tree of Tears (July 2015)

About four years ago, we came back from a camping trip to find that a neighbour’s tree had split and was being removed. One of the branches hung over the fence into our yard and Sasha had some tears when she realised she’d no longer have a swing.  I had tears too but they were […]

Cops & Readers: The Coles Notes Version

About a year and a half ago, Chief Evan Bray of the Regina Police Service was my branch’s celebrity reader for Family Literacy Day. At the end of the event, he said he’d enjoyed it and hoped the police and library could work together more in the future. I mentioned his comment to a couple […]