Music Monday – “Border guards they waved us through/’Andele ninos’ they cried/Love was a Mexican pony/You and I would ride”

Happy (legal) wedding anniversary one day early, Shea!

I look forward to celebrating our (ceremonial) wedding anniversary with you in a month in Mexico and then our reception/party wedding anniversary later this summer!

This song has a lot of religious imagery and considering we specifically requested a non-religious officiate who only slipped up once at the end of the ceremony when there was a brief sprinkle of rain and he remarked that was just “god showering our love across the earth”, it’s probably not one we would normally think of as one of “our” songs.

But the lyrics still make me think of us getting married on the beach in Mexico fifteen years ago for some reason.  (And man, do I ever love Sam Baker as well!)

Pony” – Sam Baker

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